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Zahidur abetting

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The Regional Cooperation Economic Partnership RCEP is unlikely to bring immediate significant benefits for its developing member countries in terms of flow of goods and services or major infrastructure investments, analysts and economists said.

The pact needs to be ratified by all countries, which may take time, and has different levels of tariff reductions for each country and product, the experts told the Reuters Global Markets Forum. Usman will be facing Gilbert Burns, defending his welterweight championship belt.

Usman vs. At the UFC Media Day, Usman discussed having the bout derailed twice already, addressed his training with Burns in the past, how many times he'd like to fight in , and more. Subscribe to MMAWeekly. ACGL earnings call for the period ending December 31, Country diary: the world stands divided between seasons. Wenlock Edge, Shropshire: Sun, rain, snow and back again, winter is split into spring and back again.

Snow and rain created dangerous driving conditions in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 10, prompting the National Weather Service to issue warnings to motorists. This video shows snow falling and reduced visibility in Cincinnati. Credit: Alan Laing via Storyful. It was the first call between Xi and a U. Since then, relations between the two countries have plunged to their worst level in decades, with Trump blaming China for the COVID pandemic.

Chinese officials have expressed cautious optimism that bilateral relations will improve under Biden and urged Washington to meet Beijing halfway. He also said there would be no quick moves to lift the tariffs the former Trump administration left in place against Chinese imports. The call came after U. That was the first announced high-level exchange between top diplomats from the two countries since former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met Yang in Hawaii last June.

In his call, Blinken said Washington would stand up for human rights in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong — all issues Yang had days earlier said the United States should stay out of. It's a strategy facing urgent tests after Biden inherited an inconsistent vaccine distribution plan and with the emerging threats from new virus variants.

The episode series will tell the story of the Targaryen civil war that took place about years before the events portrayed in Game of Thrones. Joe Biden had his first call as president with Xi Jinping, pressing the Chinese leader about trade and Beijing's crackdown on democracy activists in Hong Kong as well as other human rights concerns. The two leaders spoke Wednesday just hours after Biden announced plans for a Pentagon task force to review U.

Celltrion Group today announced that CT-P59, an anti-COVID monoclonal antibody treatment candidate, has confirmed neutralising potency against emerging virus mutations and that the company has initiated development of a neutralising antibody cocktail treatment with CT-P Our everyday activities break emotionally, psychologically and financially, creating added discomfort, tension and pressure.

Gross domestic product shrank 3. The economy contracted 5. Still, she added, the central bank has room to provide further support to the economy if needed. Malaysian stocks fluctuated after the data, with the benchmark index gaining 0. The market was only open for a half-day Thursday ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday.

The ringgit was unchanged at 4. The government said it would gradually reopen the economy even as the country remains under a state of emergency, seeking a balance that will protect lives while ensuring that economic activity continues. The loosened restrictions came into effect after health officials estimated daily virus cases peaked at the end of January.

The nation added 2, new cases Tuesday -- the smallest number since Jan. The tally rose to 3, cases Wednesday. The government last month unveiled a 15 billion ringgit package to help the economy weather the impact from the recent surge in Covid cases. The plan, which includes cash support to the poor, tax breaks and wage subsidies, will be funded through a reallocation of existing funds and not via fresh spending.

Fourth-quarter SlowdownSo far, however, is off to a slow start with most of the country under lockdown. The economy shrank 0. For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg. The studio criticised the actress for her social media posts. I would like to thank our employees for their support and hard work as together we restructured the company, deleveraged it, and invested heavily in digital transformation.

Rexel is now harvesting the fruits of these efforts. The Group faces a persistently uncertain environment with cautious optimism, strengthened by its continuous transformation and proven ability to adapt to varied market conditions.

It has been audited by statutory auditors. Unless otherwise stated, all comments are on a constant and adjusted basis and, for sales, at same number of working days. This better-than-expected performance demonstrates our ability to capture first signs of recovery thanks to an intact branch network and our best-in-class digital offer.

A positive calendar effect of 1. On a constant and same-day basis, sales were down 0. On a constant and same-day basis, sales were down 6. Digital sales reached c. The 8. On a constant and same-day basis, sales were up 2. Sales were driven by the proximity business and more specifically residential, up mid-single digit.

The Denmans banner was up On a constant and same-day basis, sales were down 7. On a constant and same-day basis, sales posted a strong Violence began when Burmese forces inappropriately touched Rohingya women during body search for mobile phones. The operation of humanitarian group, Doctors without Borders MSF were shut down by local Myanmar officials because it reportedly treated 23 injured Rohingya from Du Chiratan.

Witness also reported that truckloads of several dead and mutilated bodies of Rohingya men were being removed and buried in mass graves. The Government authorities often attempt to cut off aid supplies to the IDP camps using Buddhist Rakhine extremists and monks. Authorities have instigated protests and attacks against the international humanitarian NGOs destroying several office building and food warehouses. There has been extreme shortage of food, water, and healthcare services in the IDP camps.

Emergency cases such as child-delivery and other life-threatening illnesses, involving Rohingya patients, are denied treatment in Government hospitals or clinics. The authorities have reportedly drawn a master plan of segregation to make the IDP camps permanent or semi-permanent and are devised to compel the IDPs to leave Arakan due to hardship and austerity in camps.

Since the national election is drawing near the Government has engaged in playing politics with the Rohingya issue as it similarly did in the national election. Recently a law was passed by the parliament that the holders of White Cards would be allowed to vote in the election temporary cards given to Rohingya after confiscating their Nationality Certification Cards.

However, President Thein Sein withdrew the law passed by the parliament, and instead, voided all the White Cards effectively barring the Rohingya from taking part in the election. While the government of Myanmar, some UN agencies and some of the international community continue to label the violence as inter-communal and sectarian, the body of evidence collected from human rights organizations shows that the State and its security forces played a vital role in the physical destruction of the Rohingya community, their properties, cultural heritage, religious structures during and after the violence against Rohingya.

In fact, it is not an inter-communal or sectarian riot, but can be defined as one-sided attacks on Rohingya ethnic minority by the Buddhist mobs backed by the Government security forces. On May 7, , off the coast of Southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea, a wooden boat with estimated several hundred Rohingya was spotted adrift, which is part of a regular flow of thousands of Rohingya escaping atrocities by Myanmar armed forces and local officials, and violence by Buddhist Rakhine.

The fishing boat, packed with men, women, and children squatting on the deck with only plastic tarps to protect them from the intense sun, had been reportedly turned away by the Malaysian authorities. The victims were trying to reach Malaysia but the recent the crackdown against human traffickers in Thailand, which has long been considered a regional hub for human trafficking, has made traffickers reluctant to bring people ashore, thus putting the refugees at even greater risk in the high seas.

Ten people have died during the voyage, and their bodies were thrown overboard, according to reports. An estimated 8, Rohingya men, women, and children are reportedly at sea trying to reach Malaysia, as they are fleeing atrocities and dire situation in Arakan. In early May , over 1, Rohingya refugees came ashore in Malaysia and Indonesia, and both countries have reportedly expressed their intention to turn away any more boats carrying refugees.

Subsequently, the Indonesian Navy turned away a boat with several hundred Rohingya, while the Malaysian authorities turned away two boats with a total of at least passengers. The fate of the Rohingya refugees in several boats, reportedly still drifting off the shore of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, is unknown. The Rohingya trafficked in Thailand since violence in Arakan are estimated to be as high as a quarter million.

Once in Thailand, many Rohingya are forced to cross the country using vehicles run by the smugglers, who hold them in captivity in squalid jungle camps until a ransom is paid by their family back home or relatives in Malaysia. Recently, several camps have been reportedly discovered in Southern Thailand. At the beginning of May , Thai authorities have reportedly discovered an unusually large camp used to detain Rohingya refugees at the Thailand-Malaysia border.

The camp, appeared to be a year old, was found at Khao Kaew Hill, bordering Malaysia. It is located three kilometers away from the first camp, where 26 bodies of Rohingya in a mass grave were discovered. The newly discovered camp holds more than 1, people. It has 21 bedrooms, eight toilets, two watchtowers, four stoves and a large hall, which is still under construction.

On May 1, , a joint military-police taskforce discovered at least 30 bodies at an abandoned human trafficking camp in the Sadao district of Songkhla province near the Thai-Malaysian border. Many were buried in shallow graves, while others were covered with blankets and clothes and left in the open. Police reports indicate the dead are Rohingya from Myanmar who starved to death or died of disease while held by traffickers who were awaiting payment of ransoms.

Involvement of Thai police in trafficking of Rohingya further complicates the issue. Some of the police officers in Thai prison and detention centers reportedly collude with the human traffickers in exchange for cash. Rohingya families are often deceived by taking out of the prison and detention centers with reasons of relocation.

Subsequently, men, women, and children are separated during the transportation, where women were taken to separate destinations for sex trade. Men are taken to hard labor camps to work in plantations and farms, and children are used as laborers or sold to third parties. The international community, particularly the press, does not provide adequate coverage unless there is an emergency humanitarian situations such as boat people adrift at Andaman Sea or the discovery of mass graves in Southern Thailand.

The mainstream corporate media, particularly in the United States, that usually focus heavily sensationalism, overlook the Rohingya issue. There are a variety of reasons for inadequate coverage in US media that is typically consumed with issues in the Middle East, national security, and other news events driven by lobbying groups of particular interests. Muslim Ummah in U. The Rohingya issue has received relative greater coverage in the European and Middle Eastern Press, but still not near where it should have been.

Such lack of interests in the Western media further feeds into the long standing isolationist policy of Myanmar Government which does not give the international media those attempting to cover Rohingya issue unfettered access to the crisis areas in Arakan. Additionally, there has not been independent media in Myanmar for over 50 years. Recently a handful of nationalist Buddhist-dominated media operations emerged, and most of them are hostile to Rohingya and Islam.

The most important issues that are not receiving adequate coverage in the press are: 1 Dire Situation in Internally Displaced Peoples Camps; 2 Significance of roots in Arakan and ethnic identity; and 3 Deprivation of citizenship through revocation. Over , Rohingya and Kamen Muslims are living in several IDP camps where the IDPs rely solely on the humanitarian assistance provided by the international community for their survival.

The movement of IDPs is confined within the camps encircled by barbed wire fences under the watchful eyes of the Myanmar security forces. They are not allowed to go outside the camp in search of food, medicine, or water. In early , when the international humanitarian groups were expelled by the Government, food supplies ran out quickly. Out of desperation some IDPs venture out to of the camps in search of food and have been reportedly shot dead by the security forces.

Several cases of sexual assault and rape of Rohingya women in IDP camps by the security forces have also been reported. Attempts by the Government of Myanmar to label Rohingya as Bengali have recurred several times in the past even before the national census of The attempts by the Government did not succeed as Rohingya people rejected the move by the Government. In a pilot project in IDP camps in Myebon Township, a group of ethnic Kaman Muslims were deceitfully mislabeled by the authorities as Bengali or Bengali-Kamen or Bengali-Bengali-Kamen and issued the red card citizenship or the green card naturalized citizenship.

It should be noted that Kamen Muslims are one of the Government-recognized ethnic groups in Myanmar with full citizenship. Despite issuance of the cards, no one was allowed to leave the IDP camps and return to their former homes. There are reports that victims are tortured and beaten while forcing them to write Bengali in the census form.

The authorities produced forms that a group of 34 people in a village in Maungdaw Township have registered as Bengali in June of ; however, those registrants dispute the claim by the authorities indicating that they were told to leave the ethnicity item blank.

Numerous information supported by undisputable evidences clearly establish the fact that Rohingya ethnic minority have always been the bona-fide citizens of Myanmar. However, the Military Junta has disregarded the facts and systematically revoked the citizenship of Rohingya that has set the stage for ethnic cleansing. Following the failure of the Nagamin Sitsinye, the Myanmar Junta reached an agreement with the Government of Bangladesh, and the Rohingya refugees were repatriated to their original homes in Arakan because of the evidence that they are Myanmar nationals.

Nationals and ethnic groups that have settled in any of the territories included within the State as their permanent home from a period anterior to A. The Council of State may decide whether any ethnic group is national or not. Applicants for citizenship under the Union Citizenship Act, , conforming to the stipulations and qualifications may be determined as associate citizens by the Central Body. Chapter III Section 30 c states that an Associate Citizen be entitled to enjoy the rights of a citizen under the laws of the State, with the exception of the rights stipulated from time to time by the Council of State.

In each constituency, the two parties received 80 per cent of the total votes. The turnout in both constituencies reportedly was consistent with the national average — 70 percent of the eligible voters.

The former Military Junta had devised a long-term strategy to impose a regional law in Northern Arakan that further tightened the existing restrictions on Rohingya, including the systematic confiscation of NRC Nationality Registration Certificate from Rohingya and issuance of the temporary White Cards. The human right violations against Rohingya have spiraled since the confiscation of NRCs. A special paramilitary unit, NASAKA, was deployed in Rohingya areas to remove all the evidences and documentation of Rohingya ancestry and residency for centuries in their native places.

NASAKA has conducted operation of elimination of the evidence at least twice a year until it was dismantled in due to the tremendous international pressure on the Government of Myanmar. The house-to-house operations are so austere that any family member in Rohingya household not present during the surprised raids or scheduled investigation are removed from the household list, known as Intaung Zu Sayin.

During the past several years, tens of thousands of names from the family household list were deleted simply because the individuals are not present at home during the raids or scheduled investigations. Currently, it has been linked to the return of IDPs to their place of origin in various townships in Arakan. Rohingya people unconditionally reject any term by the Government other than their true ethnic identity based on their history in Arakan. The intensity of the violence, and political and humanitarian crises in Arakan have spilled over to Central Myanmar, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Terrorism, preaching hate, and instigation of violence against Rohingya and Muslim population of Myanmar by the radical Buddhist monks have reached as far as Sri Lanka. Human trafficking, forced labor, and sex slavery involving Rohingya victims have become rampant in Thailand as a result of the persecution and violence against Rohingya in Arakan. International communities have vehemently spoken out about the humanitarian and political crisis faced by the Rohingya in Myanmar.

United States House Representatives passed a Resolution demanding the Government of Myanmar to end the persecution of ethnic Rohingya minority Muslims.

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Joao Control and Monitoring Systems of California v. ACTI et. Wildcat Intellectual Property Holdings v. Liberty Safe and Security Products v. Rhino Metals. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Civil Action No. This is an action for infringement of the U.

Patent No. This Court has subject matter jurisdiction over this action under 28 U. Venue is proper in this district under 28 U. Upon information and belief, each Defendant has sold infringing items in the United States, including the State of Texas. Furthermore, Venue is proper in this district under 28 U. Each of the Defendants has targeted sales from Texas residents by operating online stores that offer shipping to the United States, including Texas, accept payment in U.

Each of the Defendants is committing infringing acts in Texas, is engaging in interstate commerce, and has wrongfully caused Plaintiff substantial injury in the State of Texas. The Defendants create the Defendant Internet Stores by the dozens and design them to appear to be selling genuine products, while actually selling Infringing Products to unknowing consumers.

Defendants attempt to avoid liability by going to great lengths to conceal both their identities and the full scope and interworking of their operation. Plaintiff is the inventor and owner of U. Design Patent No. Plaintiff has established its product as the first to market and has an established reputation and reviews.

Defendants conduct business throughout the United States, including within the State of Texas and this Judicial District, through the operation of the fully interactive, commercial online marketplaces operating under the Defendant Internet Stores. In the event that Defendants provide additional credible information regarding their identities, Plaintiff will take appropriate steps to amend the Complaint. Defendants go to great lengths to conceal their identities and often use multiple fictitious names and addresses to register and operate their network of Defendant Internet Stores.

On information and belief, Defendants regularly create new online marketplace accounts on various platforms using the identities listed in Schedule A to the Complaint, as well as other unknown fictitious names and addresses.

Such Defendant Internet Store registration patterns are one of many common tactics used by the Defendants to conceal their identities, the full scope and interworking of their operation, and to avoid being shut down. Even though Defendants operate under multiple fictitious names, there are numerous similarities among the Defendant Internet Stores.

In addition to operating under multiple fictitious names, Defendants in this case and defendants in other similar cases against online infringers use a variety of other common tactics to evade enforcement efforts. For example, infringers like Defendants will often register new online marketplace accounts under new aliases once they receive notice of a lawsuit.

Infringers also typically ship products in small quantities via international mail to minimize detection by U. Customs and Border Protection. On information and belief, Defendants maintain off-shore bank accounts and regularly move funds from their PayPal accounts or other financial accounts to off-shore bank accounts outside the jurisdiction of this Court.

Indeed, analysis of PayPal transaction logs from previous similar cases indicates that offshore infringers regularly move funds from U. Plaintiff hereby re-alleges and incorporates by reference the allegations set forth in the preceding paragraphs.

Plaintiff is entitled to injunctive relief pursuant to 35 U. Plaintiff is entitled to recover any other damages as appropriate pursuant to 35 U. At all times, Plaintiff has complied with 35 U. A full version of Exhibit 1 will be filed separately under seal and will remain under seal until further order of this court.

Dated this 7th day of August A full version of Schedule A will be filed separately under seal and will remain under seal until further order of this court. Documents Similar To Zhou v. George Byers. Abhishek Anand. Bhavana Advani. Ibrahim Basha. Irfan Prastiyanto. Aditya Singh. Shyam Sunder. Magna Electronics v. Recca Damayanti. CampaignFinanceReport Public 38e 1c43 42cc 98a9 ee14fe.

Gregory M Kline. Frank Carryster. Arbii Araviss. Pam Haus. More From Sarah Burstein. Sarah Burstein. FrenchPorte v. Mystery P v. Mystery Ds cv - Kennelly on Joinder. Oakley Inc. Mystery Ds - Order re 35 U. Simplehuman v. Junker v. Components - Decision following bench trial. General Scientific Corporation v. Quality Aspirators - Complaint. She also recognises a person who wants to do something different, who want to innovate.

It is a medical comedy drama that revolves around Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, a person whose heart lies in the world of acting, though he ends up becoming a doctor. It is based on Dr. Chaturvedi's autobiography "Inventing Medical Devices".

There's a certain authenticity about it. At the same time, you are involved with the characters and whatever drama is unfolding. But in India, I feel the drama takes over, and the medical part of it somehow suffers. So where 'Starting Troubles' is concerned, that's not the case.

It's by a person from the medical profession. It's basically coming from whatever life he has lived. It is such a relatable and real experience. It also has a fair share of drama and is really funny," added Renuka. Then I will go back to writing," said the actress, who had a busy lockdown as she spent most of her time in the post-production of "Tribhanga".

Though she didn't share what will be the subject of her next directorial, it seems like she is inclined towards telling stories revolving around women. I just feel that we should celebrate different kinds of women on screen, which we don't see. How many roles are written for women over 30? How many roles are written for women that are not romantic. It should be something that goes beyond romance, something that delves into their likes, dislikes, the person they are, profession they are in, that is the kind of thing I would like to see on screen and that's why I have written films on those kind of women," said the actress-filmmaker.

There are so many women in rural and urban India, of shapes, sizes, working and housewives. We should be representative of that," she signed off. Safvi writes and performs Ladishah, which makes commentaries on social and political conditions in the society. Humour forms an essential part of its presentation. For hundreds of years, this storytelling musical genre was performed only by men and but now Safvi has taken the mantle to revive this art form.

Talking about her journey, Safvi said she has written all of her Ladishah's in Delhi but told tales of Kashmir. I am always updated on what is happening in Kashmir," she said. Safvi said that confidence is essential for performing this art form. It is part of a traditional folk ballad. If a one does not have confidence one cannot perform this art form," she told ANI.

From her school days itself, Safvi was into extracurricular activities like debating and acting which later led her towards Ladishah. I have won several awards at the national level in these activities. After my graduation, I leaned towards public speaking and writing. I love to write. I love poetry as well. And through 'Ladishah,' I got a common platform for all my talents," she said. On the history of Ladishah, Safvi said that not much literature is available on this subject.

Other reports say that this person came from either from Pulwama or Sopore. His surname was Shah. And hence came the name. Emphasising her aim to revive the art form, she said, "I am the first lady of this generation who performs Ladishah. I don't see any person from my generation who performs this art. My foremost task is to revive this art form.

Safvi said she is trying to give Ladishah a wider audience and make people realise how this art form is part of the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir. This is something associated with Kashmir and this is a part of its culture that I want to take forward," she said.

The actress Kangana posted a picture on Instagram, where she is seen dressed in a purple outfit. On January 12, Kangana on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, paid a tribute to her guru and said that he gave her a purpose when she was disillusioned by the world. She took to Twitter to pen a tribute to Swami Vivekananda, and expressed how his teachings helped her in the time when she had no hope. Meanwhile, the actress has started preparing for her next film, "Dhaakad".

She will also be seen in the films "Thalaivi" and "Tejas". But I had an amazing experience in India, and I definitely want to come back and work more in India with Indian actors. He also shot portions of his new film "Tenet" in Mumbai. It immediately set my imagination to work on how I could come back there and do some shooting," he had previously said, adding: "It is a film we have shot all over the world.

I think some of my favourite parts of the film, and some of my favourite images from the film were shot in Mumbai. I really had a tremendous experience. The love for films in that city is really palpable.

The New Yorker magazine, where he had been a staff writer for 33 years, reported that Mehta died on Saturday. Born in pre-partition Lahore to a well-off Punjabi family in , Mehta lost his eyesight when he was three years old to meningitis. He, however, did not let his impairment get in the way of a flourishing career or stop him from showcasing his literary prowess to the world.

He was determined to apprehend the world around him with maximal accuracy and to describe it as best he could. Mehta composed all of his work orally, dictating long swaths to an assistant, who read them back again and again for him to polish until the work shone like a mirror. He could rework a single article more than a hundred times, he often said, the report said. Mehta walked the streets of the city without a cane or a seeing-eye dog, and he bristled when someone dared try to assist him.

After studying at Pomona College and Oxford University, he began to flourish in his working life as a writer. He joined the magazine when he was 26 and, for more than three decades, wrote a stream of pieces, many of them appearing in multipart series.

He wrote about Oxford dons, theology, Indian politics, and many other subjects. The festival will be held in Goa from 16th to 24th January. Bangladesh will be this edition's Country in Focus. The Country in Focus is a special segment that recognizes the cinematic excellence and contributions of the country.

The film by Sandeep Kumar will premier mid-fest. This edition is being organised in a hybrid mode for the first time and will comprise of both online and in-person experience. The festival will be loaded with a line-up of famous movies with a total of films from across the globe. This includes 21 non-feature films and 26 feature films under the Indian Panorama section.

Media registration for the festival has opened recently and is available till 10th January. I'm competitive but not delusional about myself. You have to be realistic and be competitive. Anil walked into the industry with a small role in the Umesh Mehra directorial "Hamare Tumhare", and went on to carve his niche balancing his stature as a bankable actor and a saleable star with performances including "Woh 7 Din", " A Love Story", "Mr.

He has managed to stay relevant by experimenting with his craft and subjects, as trends changed in Bollywood over the past 40 years. There have been international forays, too, including Danny Boyle's Oscar-winning global blockbuster "Slumdog Millionaire", and also worked in "24", "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" and "Family Guy". Looking back at the year gone by, Anil shared: "Somewhere, was a year everybody wanted to end as soon as possible so that we look at in a positive and optimistic way.

The vaccine is around the corner, so everybody is looking forward to that. My heart goes out to all the people who have suffered. I'm proud of all the people who really selflessly worked -- the doctors, the frontline workers, and the kind of work they put in, " he added. Anil's latest role is the quirkiest he has done yet. Anil has to hunt his daughter within a night without informing the cops if he wants her safe, and the deal is Anurag will be filming the entire process to create his new film.

Talking about the film, Anil said: "I loved the script when I read it. It has been one of the best experiences of my career. The film released on Netflix on December Next up is "Jug Jugg Jeeyo". The makers - Bhushan Kumar's T-Series, Murad Khetani and Vanga at midnightunveiled audio teaser of the film, giving a sneak peak into the world of "Animal".

The over one-minute long video, shared by T-Series on Twitter, begins with an eerie whistle and Ranbir is heard talking to his father about being reborn and love. The clip ends with sound of gunshots. Anil Kapoor too shared the announcement teaser on the microblogging site and said he is looking forward to start the work on the film.

The new year just gets better with this whistle! Presenting, Animal, can't wait for our journey to begin," he wrote. Vanga, best known for helming Shahid Kapoor-starrer "Kabir Singh" and 's original "Arjun Reddy", tweeted, "Experience the emotion. Sharing her excitement, Chopra said, "It keeps getting bigger and better! The dialogues of the film are being penned by writer duo Siddharth and Garima, who had also written dialogues for "Kabir Singh".

The actress deleted all her tweets and Instagram pictures on December 31, and now has zero posts and tweets. Initially, netizens wondered if Deepika's social media platforms had been hacked. However, it subsequently came to notice that it was the actress who changed her display images. Currently, Deepika has Deepika plays Kapil's wife Romi Dev. Pattinson takes over the role of the caped crusader from Hollywood star Ben Affleck in the new film and several sources have shared that filming has become a gruelling process with Reeves making Pattinson do over 50 takes, leaving him exhausted, reports thesun.

He'll insist on doing scenes over and over again and get bogged down in the tiny detail. Batman is arguably the most popular superhero of all and by the time the film is released it will be the Dark Knight's first solo movie in ten years. No one is denying that this is a high stakes production and that Matt is feeling the pressure to get it right.

But Robert has had a tough time on these franchise movies before. The Covid pandemic has had quite an impact on The Batman. The film's release has been pushed. Its production was scrapped in March, and was suspended once again after Pattinson caught the virus. Filming reportedly was hit with yet another setback in November when a stuntman tested positive for Covid It's got to the point now where he's been directing scenes while zipped up inside a puffa coat and with ski goggles on.

As a Covid-secure outfit, it's questionable. But if it makes him feel more at ease, everyone's going with it," said the source. Applicants should be above 21 years of age as on 1st January and should have professional experience of covering major International Film Festivals such as IFFI for a minimum of three years. Registrations will close by midnight of 10th January, Murder mysteries, underworld sagas, and terrorism were popular themes as always, but there were a few new entrants in the world of on-screen crime, too, with the likes of phishing and securities scam becoming central to the plot in hit web shows.

Eight out of the 10 are crime-themes shows, led by Scam The Harshad Mehta Story right at the top. The only two non-crime shows in the list are Panchayat, a satire, at the second spot, and Bandish Bandits, a romantic musical at number four. The genres were exposed quite effectively, through the kinds of shows that came out on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Eros Now.

The reason behind the success of the genre, according to Ali, is that "it was unexposed" so far. While some storytellers took cue from real life crimes or scams, there were some that picked unconventional subjects like phishing Jamtara. Others added fresh twists to subjects that had been explored before -- like Special Ops did to the anti-terror war, Paatal Lok did to the underworld saga, or Aashram did while exposing fraud godmen.

Crime was all around in the OTT space this year. In some cases, the genre facilitated novel storytelling. In the quirky thriller The Gone Game, for instance, the entire story, happening during lockdown, unfolds through the lens of cameras on laptop and phone screens, besides CCTV footages. Asur, on the other hand, blended mythology and crime to fashion an unusual dark thriller. JL50 used science fiction and time travel as a basis to narrate a story of crime and suspense. Our crime thrillers including, 'Bicchoo Ka Khel', 'Mum Bhai', 'Dark 7 White', received appreciation from fans and critics alike, and are amongst the most-watched shows on our platform currently," he added.

The lure of the crime drama was also about interesting characters that the genre brought forth. There were Kaleen Bhaiya and Munna Bhaiya essayed by Pankaj Triparthi and Divyenndu Sharma respectively returning in Mirzapur 2 to define the smalltown don with a raw edge as India has rarely ever seen in mainstream before, just as there was Pratik Gandhi entering the OTT space to make the true story of Harshad Mehta unforgettably gripping in Scam Bobby Deol as Kashipur wale Baba and Chandan Roy Sanyal as his sidekick Bhopa swamy portrayed the fraud godmen with a contemporary edge in Aashram, while Abhishek Banerjee's Hathoda Tyagi in Paatal Lok took the 'desi' contract killer to the next level.

The notion of crime and criminals grew more psychological, too, thanks to the fact that OTT allows wild experimentation. Abhay 2, for instance, explored the act of solving a crime in a different way -- the protagonist Kunal Kemmu is an officer who solves crimes by imagining he is committing the crime -- to get into the mind of the killer. In Arya, Sushmita Sen as the titular Arya Sareen takes over the crime empire of her husband after he is killed.

Abhishek Bachchan in Breathe Into The Shadows is an affluent psychiatrist whose daughter is kidnapped. Only, it is revealed the doctor is himself the kidnapper -- he suffers from multiple personality disorder. Breaking down the genre success story, Ferzad Palia, Head, Voot Select, Youth, Music and English Entertainment, Viacom18, said "It is great to see that content is coming of age, and people are experimenting with diverse genres, but crime and thriller still remain the very clear dominant genre.

It is treated differently, and you also have some different kind of series and different genre of stories which sporadically got the fancy of the audience. At the same time, there is space for mainstream content as well. Basically, OTT demands diverse content but there's space for mainstream content as well. But I think every good comedy that came this year received a good amount of appreciation," Thakur said.

According to Palia, was a demonstration of what's to come. The next year, and the year after, content will be scaled up all players," he said. The Marvel star took to Instagram to share a throwback picture of himself with the primary creative leader of Marvel Comics. The picture marks the legend's last shared scene with Robert Downey Jr. HappyBirthday Stan We miss you The picture also sees the 'Iron Man' star holding the famous arc reactor, which is equivalent to the heart of his Marvel character of Tony Stark.

Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95 on November 12, , due to health complications caused by a stroke. According to sources, her cremation will take place later today. Kareema Begum was married to Rajagopala Kulashekharan, an Indian music composer who worked mainly for Malayalam movies. He composed music for 52 films 23 in Malayalam with songs , and was the music conductor for more than films.

This was composed for the film 'Pazhassi Raja' He's a great partner. He always makes fun of me, and we always laugh together, and he brings the best out of me in many ways," added Gadot,. I think that we got really lucky with the chemistry between all of us, including Patty. On set, there were many moments where each and every one of us is trying to deliver the best line to make everyone else laugh. And on our days off we would get together almost all the time. It was like we went through this crazy summer camp together, but for eight months of shooting and four months of prep," Gadot said.

She added: "We were there for each other, we did this as a team, and I think it really shows in the movie. Even though Pedro and Kristen play the villains, I think that chemistry always shows, and it really helped all of us. The Warner Bros.

The 'Dhoom: 2' actor took to Instagram to share the love-soaked picture of herself with her daughter who is seen forming a heart sign with her hands to express her love. Aishwarya's little munchkin Aaradhya was seen Christmas ready with her red coloured hoodie which also had a heart imprint in golden shimmery material on it. A decorated and lit Christmas tree stood in the background of the mother-daughter duo's picture.

He has had an eventful night and his blood pressure is still on the higher side although under better control than yesterday," Apollo Hospital said in a statement. According to the hospital, the year-old actor's investigations have not revealed anything alarming so far. He is scheduled for a further set of investigations on Saturday, reports which will be available by the evening.

He has been advised complete rest in view of his labile blood pressure and visitors are not being allowed to meet him," it said. Rajinikanth's daughter is with him in the hospital. Family and doctors have requested all wellwishers to avoid visiting the hospital. A couple of people on the film sets had tested positive for Covid Rajinikanth was tested on December 22 and his results were negative. Since then he isolated himself and was monitored closely. He feels people need to solve their problems and bring a smile on faces around them.

The year was full of uncertainty, and Tusshar has a special message during the festive season. You will have to solve all your problems and bring that smile on your face. One has to continue to work hard, be patient, resilient and just be ready to face the challenges that life throws at us. Sometimes the external circumstances may not be in our control but the desire to be happy should overpower everything else," he said.

Feeling victorious and joyous from within at the end of the day is what matters," he added. Speaking about his plans with son Laksshya, he shared: "Ekta his sister and I just threw a Santa party for the kids, where Ravie and Laksshya's friends were also invited. They had a blast together after so long. Then we always put a lovely Christmas tree together at home, and Laksshya looks forward to it every year. We gorge on all the Christmas goodies. Despite what this year has thrown at us, I feel there is a positive vibe and Christmas cheer everywhere.

The Ministry said, people or agencies working on projects involving the Heritage, National language promotion, Indian tradition and culture, Freedom fighters, Freedom struggle, Folk music and Language and Tourism will be exempt from paying fees for shooting photographs or videos at the monuments maintained by the ASI.

The online permission is needed to carry out such shooting activities. The objective to give this permission in other than the world heritage monuments is to promote the less popular monuments and encourage people's engagement with them. The process of issuing permission for shooting at ASI sites has already been fast tracked.

With cinemas yet to draw audience confidence fully, OTT platforms are going all-out to add a Christmas sparkle with shows and films that celebrate the season of Santa Clause. As we gear up to binge on Christmas, snuggled in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, IANS lists new attractions that toast a happy ending to the year, and a good cheer.

Operation Christmas Drop The film is about a political aide falling for a big-hearted air force pilot while looking to shut down his tropical base and its airborne Christmas tradition. A California Christmas The Netflix film follows a wealthy real estate heir who poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family's land. Sharing Christmas Directed by Peter Sullivan, the romantic film is about Stephanie Nichols, who gets an opportunity to transform an old shopping complex into a prime location.

It is available on Lionsgate Play. A Christmas Carol The film remains a Christmas favourite watch. It is about Ebenezer Scrooge, an old man of miserly contempt, as he finds himself in the company of the ghosts of Christmas, who take him on an eye-opening journey.

It will stream on Voot Select on December All About Christmas Eve Starring Haylie Duff, the release is about a New York high-society party organiser, who needs to decide at the last minute to choose between career and vacation with her boyfriend.

It is available on Lionsgate Play app. Home for Christmas The Norwegian television series dropped its first season in , and has been a teen favourite ever since. Starring Ida Elise Broch, the show is available on Netflix. The film is directed by Chris Columbus.

It shows Russell reprising his role as Santa Claus to save Christmas. The highlight is an on-screen reunion between Russell and Goldie Hawn, who plays Mrs. It is streaming on Netflix. Dolly Parton's Christmas On The Square Starring Dolly Parton, Christine Baranski and Treat Williams, the holiday movie musical is about a woman who plans to sell a small town without regard for the people, and what happens when she gets a visit from an angel. It is available on Netflix.

An official release said the merger of film media units under one corporation will lead to convergence of activities and resources and better coordination, "thereby ensuring synergy and efficiency in achieving the mandate of each media unit". It said India is the largest film producer in the world with an industry-led by the private sector and produces more than 3, in a year and the decision was a measure aimed at fulfilling the commitment to support the films sector. The release said the union cabinet also approved the appointment of a transaction advisor and legal advisor to advise on the transfer of assets and employees and to oversee all aspects of the merger.

While undertaking this exercise of convergence, interests of the employees of all the concerned media units will be fully taken care and no employee will be retrenched, the release said. It said that NFDC, consequent upon the merger of film media units, will be uniquely placed with regard to promotion, production and preservation of filmic content - all under one management.

It said the merger of film media units under a single corporation will lead to synergy amongst the various activities with better and efficient utilization of misting infrastructure and manpower. Films Division, a subordinate office of Information and Broadcasting Ministry, was established in , primarily to produce documentaries and news magazines for publicity of government programmes and cinematic record of Indian history.

Children's Film Society, India, an autonomous organisation, was founded in under the Societies Act with the specific objective of providing children and young people value-based entertainment through the medium of films.

National Film Archives of India, a subordinate office of Information and Broadcasting Ministry, was established as a media unit in with the primary objective of acquiring and preserving Indian cinematic heritage. Directorate of Film Festivals, as an attached office of Information and Broadcasting Ministry, was set up in to promote Indian films and cultural exchange. The release said NFDC is a Central Public Sector Undertaking, incorporated in the year with the primary object of planning and promoting an organized, efficient and integrated development of the Indian Film Industry.

What began in December as a seemingly small viral infection in a remote location in China, slowly escalated into a major humanitarian crisis over the next few months, and by March , it had spread like wildfire across the globe. In astrological parlance, this phase coincided with an adverse solar eclipse that occurred in Sagittarius sign on December 26, , which witnessed a rare conjunction of six planets in the same sign.

Due to this planetary cocktail, three key planets - Ketu, signifying virus and bacteria , Saturn signifying mass epidemic and fear among public and Jupiter jeeva karaka or life force were severely afflicted, which, in turn, sowed the seeds of coronavirus. The spread of the deadly virus accelerated when Saturn left Sagittarius sign on January 24, and entered its own sign, Capricorn, a phenomenon called 'Saturn's homecoming', symbolic of a new world order, witnessed once every 27 to 30 years.

Soon after, on March 22, Mars, the executor-in-chief, also moved to Capricorn and joined Saturn. This was the day when the first semblance of lockdown in the form of 'Junta Curfew' was observed in India. Another significant development happened on March 29, when Jupiter life force also moved to Capricorn, a sign where it is in its weakest point in the zodiac, which quickened the pace of infection rates across the country with mass-scale casualties to follow.

On May 4, Mars moved out of Capricorn sign and this was the time when the government announced relaxation in lockdown norms in a phased manner. Between May , both Saturn and Jupiter became retrograde moving in reverse motion , and this was the time when the government announced the first stimulus-cum-relief package of Rs 20 trillion to revamp the economy.

This entire quarter coincided with Jupiter's weak position in Capricorn sign. On June 30, a retrograde Jupiter moved back to its own sign, Sagittarius, and gained strength. Jupiter stayed in this auspicious position till November 20, which was a period of economic recovery for the country as the GDP's contraction reduced to 7. On November 12, the Finance Minister announced a comprehensive stimulus package of Rs 2.

During this time, Jupiter was still strongly placed in Sagittarius sign and was a few days away from moving to its weakest position in Capricorn. On November 20, after a gap of close to five months, Jupiter once again moved to Capricorn sign.

Not surprisingly, just a few days later, on November 25 to be precise, there were farmer protests around New Delhi over passing of farm bills by the Indian Parliament. Outlook for As we step into the New Year, Jupiter will be placed in its debilitation sign Capricorn till April 6 in conjunction with Saturn.

Despite showing signs of economic revival towards end of , India is likely to register low to moderate growth in the January-March quarter. Due to a weak Jupiter and strong Saturn, the contraction of the Indian economy is expected to continue and is likely to be around 8 per cent in FY However, the economy is expected to bounce back strongly in the April-June quarter as Jupiter will move to Aquarius sign.

India will emerge as the fastest growing Asian economy from here on. This will create additional demand which is expected to translate into strong economic growth. The recovery is expected to improve further during July-September quarter, and the GDP will grow faster than before. However, from middle of September till November 20, there is expected to be a temporary blip in economic growth as Jupiter, once again, enters the ominous Capricorn sign.

This will trigger unfavourable geo-political developments which will impact the Indian economy as well. On the whole, the GDP growth is likely to average between 8 to 9 per cent in The Sensex is expected to set a new record high in as infection rates come down due to positive medical interventions, followed by favourable government policies to strengthen the economy. Between January 30 to February 21, the Sensex is expected to breach the 50,level mark, and will go even higher around middle of June when both Jupiter and Mercury will be in retrograde motion.

However, it is expected to come down between September 14 to October 17, after which, it will climb up again. In addition, the period from June 2 to July 21 and October 22 to December 5 are sensitive periods which can create volatility in the stock market. By the end of , the Sensex is expected to cross the 60,mark as both Saturn and Jupiter gain strength.

The year is also expected to be a watershed period as far as India's economic reforms are concerned. With reference to India's horoscope, the planetary period of Moon-Saturn will be operative till July 10, Thereafter, the period of Moon-Mercury will be in vogue during the rest of the year. In India's birth chart, Mercury is the owner of 2nd house banking, treasury and 5th House Stock, investments, decision making and is placed in the third house telecommunication, neighbour and deals.

This is indicative of an important banking reform and changes in the fiscal policy during July-August. A new tax regime is likely to be implemented during the year. SEBI is also likely to bring about new regulations to regulate trading entities and processes.

A financial stimulus package is expected to be announced by the government around June Sector focus During , sectors such as real estate, media and online entertainment broadcasting platforms like OTT, railways, airline industry, auto, transport, telecommunications, IT and banking are likely to see some important developments in the form of new regulations and policies.

Here is the astrological outlook for some. Key sectors Energy: Strong focus on infrastructure development is likely to spur demand for fuels such as oil and gas, especially from April The government is expected to come out with a new policy between June-July on regulating production of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, coal, CBM and other minerals.

In addition, initiatives will be taken towards expanding non-conventional power generation sources such as solar and wind. Globally, the oil sector is expected to witness turmoil between January 15 to February 15 owing to geo-political developments. The oil sector will further witness volatility between June 2 to July 21 and again from October 22 to December 5.

Real estate: A strong sub-period of Saturn operative in India's horoscope till first week of July augurs well for the growth of the real estate sector. The construction industry is likely to see faster growth as delayed infrastructure and real estate projects are likely to be completed. With strong Mercury in India's chart, the demand for commercial real estate segment is likely to shoot up during July-August.

So will be the demand for ancillary industries like steel and cement. The industry is expected to witness a double-digit growth, and will contribute handsomely to the country's economic recovery during the April-September period. Telecommunications: This sector is expected to see remarkable growth in The spectrum auction by the government is likely to be completed during April-May.

There will be significant network capacity addition and new players are likely to enter this arena in The country may witness rollout of 5G technology services during September-October. Disinvestment: The government's plans to increase private participation in Air India and Indian Railways are expected to gather steam in Important developments are likely to take place in this regard between May 30 to June 23 and from September 27 to October This will be the time that the government is likely to receive active support of private players in view of favourable market conditions.

Job market: Till March, the job market scenario is likely to be conservative and the economy may not be able to support large-scale employment. From April, the Indian job market will pick up and grow exponentially between April to September. With Mercury technology and learning operative in India's chart from July, technology and digitisation will be largely employed by companies for learning and skill development. New innovative HR policies are likely to be institutionalised by corporates between February-March, which will spell out new norms for recruitment and performance.

The future of Covid The fight against Covid is likely to continue for a few more months. From January 14 to March 31, there will be significant medical intervention due to which the infection rate will start coming down at a fast pace. Between April-July , significant strides will be taken towards diffusing the effects of this deadly virus, not just in India, but across the world.

With Mercury dasha running in India's horoscope from July, the country will emerge as an important player on the global platform. In , a Solar Eclipse will occur on June Simultaneously, Saturn will be placed in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer sign and will mutually aspect each other between June 2 to July This will be the period when the world will witness important political and military developments which will impact India's trade equilibrium with various countries.

This will also be the time when India is likely to face politico-military deadlock with Pakistan or China, as well as internal strife, which can snowball into a major crisis. On the whole, will create new opportunities and bless us all with good luck and prosperity. A new set of challenges will also emerge and the lessons learnt in will go a long way in addressing the issues collectively. In the Instagram video, Katrina urges everyone to come forward and contribute towards creating classrooms, so that children coming from underprivileged homes can access quality English medium education.

Since , Mountain View School in Madurai has actively been working to provide quality English-medium education to lesser privileged children. They currently teach two hundred students, have classrooms upto grade four and need to add 14 more," Katrina captioned the video.

Considering the tough times we are in, it is even more important to be there for one another," she added. Katrina has extended a helping hand to a school in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, that has actively been working towards educating children, especially girls, since The school currently has classrooms up to standard five. They are now in need of 14 more rooms, which include 10 classrooms that will take the school to standard eight, besides a teachers' room, a computer lab, a science lab and a library.

As a part of the campaign by Relief Projects India, Katrina has urged to make donations so that the school can continue its work towards providing education to underprivileged village children. The actress will join hands with Relief Projects India and Mountain View School to work towards an increased level of education for children of the village community and a higher level of awareness on issues such as female infanticide and foeticide, and the importance of the girl child.

The actor is being probed by the central agency in connection to the Bollywood drugs case. He was to appear before the agency for a second round of questioning in connection with a drug-related case. Rampal was probed after his Australian friend Paul Bartel was arrested in a drugs-related case. In November, after quizzing South African model Gabriella Demetriades, the central agency had summoned Rampal for questioning.

His house was also raided by the NCB officials. Besides, Sonali Phogat had lodged a police complaint against her sister and brother-in-law last year alleging that that he had beaten and threatened her. Sonali Phogat was also in the headlines during the last Assembly Election campaign.

In an election meeting during the election campaign, she called those who did not speak Bharat Mata ki Jai as Pakistanis. However, she later called it a conspiracy of the opposition and said her statement was misinterpreted. Sonali Phogat hails from Bhutan village in Fatehabad district.

Sonali, one of three sisters and one brother, left her only daughter in the hostel. Sonali has a house in Hisar. In , Sonali's husband Sanjay died in a farmhouse under suspicious circumstances. Sonali was in Mumbai at the time. Sonali has been active in the BJP for almost a decade. Then she moved to Mumbai with the dream of appearing on the silver screen.

When the Indian government launched 59 Chinese apps, including Tik-Tak, after Chinese opponents on the border. The government has done well by banning it. We have to strengthen our country's economic position and boycott Chinese goods. I was also feeling confined home for moths together in an unusual situation and wrote many pieces.

One of the lyrics I composed has become a song after I put music. Young talents of Tripura have performed with the direction of Jishnu Dev Varma in the album. For the veteran actor, who abstains from eating sweets, the biggest torture was to pose with a rasgulla and gulab jamun in hand for a commercial and pretend as if he is delighted after eating them!

Big B took to his verified Twitter account to express his plight. He wrote in Hindi "I have quit eating sweets and after that I have to pose with a rasgulla and gulab jamun in my hand during the shoot, and was asked to give an expression which reveals how tasty it feels after eating them! There can't be a bigger torture than this. The veteran actor also shared a couple of photographs from the shoot where he can be seen happily posing with a rasgulla and gulab jamun while smiling at the camera!

Now in Kolkata we get different varieties of Rosogulla, in winter we get these varieties with the advent of khejur Gur. Now a days there are even fusion Rosogullas eg chocolate. But the older, the conventional ones the best," shared a fan from Kolkata. Bengali trademark sweet. Loveee your tweet Sirjeee," expressed another fan. The actor revealed the news on Twitter through a note. My sincere thanks to my dearest fans from all over the world for all the love and support you have been showing me throughout these years.

Love you all. Spread Love," he added. The Netflix action-thriller is being created with an intention to create a new franchise on a James Bond level. Ever since her debut in the release Kedarnath, she has worked with bigwigs such as Abhishek Kapoor, Rohit Shetty and Imtiaz Ali, and she is all set to end the year with the David Dhawan directorial Coolie No.

The film is a remake of hit of the same name starring Govinda and Karisma Kapoor. I think films are a director's medium and you are as good as your director, and I have luckily had the opportunity to work with extremely versatile and amazing directors," said Sara, daughter of Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. The year-old actress added: "I will only say that I am thankful and grateful.

I hope I keep getting opportunities to work with creative people like I have. Coming up after Coolie No. Rai's Atrangi Re. Sara stars with Akshay Kumar and Dhanush in the romantic drama. Bhumi has joined hands with the global citizen initiative named Count Us In as a climate champion, She will work closely to inspire and educate Indians towards reducing carbon footprint. Her own initiative, named Climate Warrior, will work very closely with Count Us In, to involve and educate people across the country.

Christiana Figueres is an inspirational human being who has dedicated her life to saving the planet, and I look forward to working with her on this issue in my country," said environmental activist Bhumi. MUMBAI [Maha Media]: Bollywood debutante and former beauty queen Manushi Chhillar wants to turn her terrace into a sustainable garden, because she thinks the future of complex, modern society lies in environmental friendly living.

I have started planting different kinds of trees at my home and I can't wait to see it all come together," she said. I want to grow several varieties of fruits and vegetables in the near future and I'm quite excited to take on this journey of learning more about organic, sustainable living," she said. Manushi is all set to break into Bollywood with the Akshay Kumar starrer "Prithviraj", based on the life of Prithviraj Chauhan. The film is directed by Dr.

Chandraprakash Dwivedi, who helmed the television epic "Chanakya" and the period drama "Pinjar". NEW DELHI [Maha Media]: Stressing that it is important to ascertain that farmers' concerns are addressed, and that their true representatives constantly meet the government to break the deadlock, actor Anupam Kher believes that while the present government at the Centre would want to solve their problems, it was paramount that politics be kept away from the farm laws.

They are the ones who created anti-CAA protests. Some people had major issues with the abolition of Triple Talaq and Article But we have seen that these changes have been for good. I would like to believe that the new agricultural laws will benefit the farmers. Kher, whose latest book 'Your Best Day Is Today', published by Hay House India recently hit the stands, says that it is a result of a strong urge to confront his fears, uncertainties and sense of never giving up during the period of pandemic and lockdown.

Adding that he wanted to focus on the fact that it was a temporary phase, the actor adds, "As I landed in Mumbai from New York, the city was unrecognisable. I had never seen it so completely deserted. The first three-four days were tough as many family members were elsewhere and I had to be quarantined for 14 days. Calling himself the eternal optimist, the veteran actor says that considering the fear during the initial days, it made all the sense to pen down his thoughts.

In my entire existence of 39 years in Mumbai, I had never heard the sound of the koel and audible chirping of birds outside my house, nor seen a clear blue sky. It seemed nature also wanted some respite and cleaning -- we humans had somehow forgotten that there were other animals and birds on the earth besides us. This pause seemed to have been important. Precisely why though there were tough days and tough times -- I was losing my friends to cancer, covid but I had to keep myself going.

Kher, whose mother, brother and many other family members were diagnosed with Covid, complimenting the health workers for their commitment, says, "Sadly, so many people were going that death became a statistic rather than a reality -- in a way it took away the fear of death in me. In your 60's, one tends to think that the end of life is closer and you don't want to talk about it, there is a certain superstition around it.

Also, I never thought that I would take a social media detox ever in my life. I did that for 20 days and went and shot for a film. When you're faced with a situation like this, the best thing is to challenge oneself and see how much steel one has inside. I have tried that and luckily, I have triumphed against every tragedy, set back -- isn't that what liberation is all about? Talk to him about his advice to readers not to consume too much news, and Kher laughs that more than information, news has become all about interpretation.

During my young days in Shimla, the kind of violent news that used to be on page 8 or 9 is now usually on page one. Information one needs somehow reaches us. So, why sleep with the thought that we live in a very dangerous world. Why wake up with fear? There are certain things you can avoid to feel that you are at a better place.

Asserting that the recent phenomenon of major films being premiered on OTT platforms is a positive development, the actor feels that it is important to change with the times. Let's be clear that digital platforms are a reality now.

My grandmother would make food on the angithi, mother on a gas, and now it is the microwave. We need to adapt. Also, we will have better content with more films coming on digital platforms. One is always at the mercy of the audience. People are not paying to see you in particular. The moment you start boring them, they change to another film or programme. This is bound to raise the standard of performances, movies, and cinema in general.

And yes, theatres will bounce back when audiences feel safe enough to go there -- that culture is not going away anywhere. No immediate plans of writing another book soon, the actor says that things might change in a year or so if new ideas come to him. I don't really feel a need to communicate anything that I have not gone through. Talking about the kind of roles that interest him now, Kher, who recently completed the film 'The Last Show' and is working on another one titled 'Kashmir Files' says that actors mature with years and the way he approaches a role now has changed.

I like to be a part of sensitive human stories, and look at the role and the director who is going to handle the script. Of course, money is important too because I believe that one's hard work should be remunerated. However, most importantly, now I want to make a difference in people's lives -- through my writings and motivational lectures. One sees so many people unhappy about little things. Vijay posted a picture on Instagram, where he is seen sitting in a restaurant and holding a dish in his hand.

In the photo, he wears a powder navy blue T-shirt and has left his hair open. French Gastronomy - is a must try! Vijay's next is tentatively titled "Fighter". He will also be seen alongside actress Ananya Panday in a multilingual film that will mark his Bollywood debut. The film is directed by Puri Jagannadh. Deepika posted the meme on her Instagram Stories.

In the meme, there is a comparison drawn between Squidward, a popular character from the show "SpongeBob", and a picture of her dressed in an all-black ensemble. On the image featuring the cartoon character is written "Sqidward" and on the actress's picture is mentioned "Squidward Pro Max". On the work front, she is awaiting the release of "83", and is also working on director Shakun Batra's next film. Divya, who played Malala's mother in the film Gul Makai, said "Malala Yousafzai is a living and breathing folklore for young girls who aspire to rise against all odds.

I have always been a huge supporter of lifting our girl child to empowerment and it was an endearing journey for me to play Malala's mother. We researched and rehearsed every aspect of the film to get the essence right. While some of the stars who passed away lost the battle to Covid, others died due to various reasons. Born in in Haryana, the celebrated classical singer presented the Mewati Gharana to the global music connoisseur.

With a career spanning 80 years, Pandit Jasraj's oeuvre ranged from the world stage to Indian film music. Sushant Singh Rajput It was initially thought that he died by suicide on June 14, but a probe into his death is still on. He was In , he moved on to the big screen with "Kai Po Che!

Basu Chatterjee The legendary filmmaker passed away at 93 owing to age-related ailments on June 4. He is among the filmmakers who made the common man a hero of Hindi commercial cinema. His last directorial was the film, "Gudgudee". On June 5, his family informed that Wajid had died due to cardiac arrest. Sajid-Wajid are best known for their songs in Salman Khan-starrer "Dabangg" films.

Rishi Kapoor In , he was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, following which he was in New York for nearly a year to undergo treatment. He returned to India in September But he ultimately passed always on April Rishi Kapoor shot to fame playing a teen icon in his debut film "Bobby". He became popular as a romantic hero in numerous hits of the seventies, eighties and the nineties. In the last few years, he also impressed with negative roles in "Agneepath" and "D-Day".

He was admitted to Dhirubhai Ambani hospital with a colon infection. The actor had been battling neuroendocrine tumour for several years and had been under medical attention. She was hospitalised since November after contracting the virus. She was VJ Chitra. The television actress and host is best known for starring in the Tamil show "Pandian Stores". She was found dead at a hotel room in Chennais Nazrathpet on December 9.

According to TNM, the Chennai police have concluded that Chitra died by suicide, but her relatives have alleged foul play. SP Balasubrahmanyam The famous playback singer and Padma awardee, popular as SPB or Balu in the movie world, had recorded over 40, songs in 16 languages over a period of five decades.

He died on September 25 in Chennai. Balasubrahmanyam was on life support measures since Aug 14 for severe Covid pneumonia. Ashalata Wabgaonkar Veteran actress, who was reportedly suffering from Covid, died on September 22 after a four-day battle with her illness at a private hospital in Satara. Ashalata worked in over Hindi and Marathi films.

She also authored a book, "Gard Sabhowati". She was last shooting for a mythological show. Patwardhan was taken to a private hospital after he complained of breathing trouble. Patwardhan was a familiar face in Marathi cinema and television since the late seventies with character roles, often playing the judge, lawyer, village headman, policeman or the patriarchal head of a family. Soumitra Chatterjee The legendary actor died on November His condition had remained a matter of concern owing to co-morbidities and advanced age.

His key problem was Covid encephalopathy. Chatterjee tested positive for coronavirus on October 5 and got admitted to the hospital the very next morning. He was shooting for a documentary titled "Abhijan" directed by actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay.

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BNP faces a dilemma as Zahidur Rahman of the Thakurgaon-3 constituency violated party discipline to take oath as member of parliament (MP). A number of​. BNP MP-elect Zahidur Rahman Zahid (Thakurgaon-3) was sworn in on Thursday prompting the party to sack him on Saturday for violating its decision. Now only. Zubaida Rahman and her mother were accused of abetting Tarique in establishing that the money was earned through legal income, ACC.