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Match betting sites

Place a bet with your own cash to obtain free bet, then place a bet with your free bet and hope you win. We make free betting easy. We pin point virtually every UK free bet offer online and show you how to qualify for each free bet by showing you the free bet terms. We do all the heavy research work for you and have a dedicated free bets team to find the best free bets from every top uk bookmaker. We walk you through every step of the free betting process and provide detailed step by step instructions on how to obtain your free bets and how to use them.

Online bookmakers offer free bets every single day of the week. At freebets4all we show you where to find these daily free bet offers, to guarantee you always bet with the best free bets online. We list the best betting offers each day and provide detailed instructions on how you qualify for the free bets and also how to use them.

We recommend you start with the free bets at the top of the list as these are our top free bet picks. Our in-house research team has drawn on over 10 years of industry contacts and betting know how to bring you the biggest free bet offers from all top UK bookmakers and free betting sites.

Ready to start now? Loading Bets. A new password will then be sent to the email address associated with that account. Close Send. Firstname FirstnameRequired. Last name Please tell us your last name. Email Please enter your email address Please enter a valid email address This email address is already registered with us. Please sign in to your existing account.

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Please contact us for assistance. Remember Me. Close Sign In. You stake the free bets, then using a betting exchange such as Betfair — which acts a marketplace between bettors — "lay" bet against your original bet. By laying the right amount, you guarantee a profit regardless of the result. Usually you have to stake a bit of your own cash to get the free bet to begin with, but by laying this as well you can limit your initial loss and guarantee an overall profit.

My first few bets are straightforward enough. Britain has some of the most liberal gambling laws in the world, which is why there are so many online bookmakers vying for your cash. They all offer essentially the same product, so one way of standing out from the or-so other bookies is with enticing free bet offers. A miniature industry has sprung up to capitalise on the money available through matched betting, usually in the form of products offering advice and software to help people extract profit from bookmakers.

I spoke to Jack Taylor, commercial director of Profit Accumulator, which is one of the two main companies to offer these services, along with its rival, Odds Monkey. Jack had just got back from a gambling industry conference in Lisbon, where he'd gone undercover to keep tabs on the bookmakers. Jack estimates that there are around 40, people actively matched betting in the UK, putting a small dent in the bookies' massive profits. While some people do it full-time as their primary income, he says most just put in a few hours a week to top up their salary.

Bettors are split fairly evenly between those who do it off their own back, finding offers and using free services to make a return, and lazier people who pay companies like PA and Oddsmonkey to do some of the legwork. The question is: why do bookies allow matched betting if it guarantees winnings for punters? I asked a number of bookmakers but they all stayed tight-lipped about it. Jack says he thinks it just doesn't hit their profits enough for them to worry about it — and besides, there's not a lot they could do, even if they wanted to.

It seems easy enough, though pretty monotonous, to follow the process and build up winnings. I carry on signing up to bookies and placing free bets, but pretty soon I make my first fuck up, hubris burning in the back of my throat like a sicky burp. Somehow I bet for, instead of laying against, a game at the exchange, and have to cash out both my bets to avoid the chances of a big loss. Laying games at high odds which is important for making better profits requires putting up a large "liability", the money you are putting on your other bet not to come in.

While matched betting technically guarantees a profit, it doesn't account for human error, and I soon realise that my combination of being rubbish with numbers and susceptible to lapses in concentration isn't a great mix for a matched bettor. Even though he's made so much in a relatively short period of time, he admits he's not immune to mistakes — and I don't think he's just saying it to make me feel better.

As I plough through offers to hit my target, the time-consuming bureaucracy begins to wear me down. So much for easy money; it feels like an actual job as I sit for hours on my laptop, filling out details, depositing money, finding bets, laying them and keeping track of it all in a spreadsheet. Each bookie has different verification processes for withdrawal: email addresses, phone numbers, copies of bills, bank statements, credit and ID cards. I feel wired after pulling myself away after a few hours at the laptop, numbers and score-lines reeling around my head.

When I close my eyes the spreadsheet is burnt onto the back of my eyelids; liabilities and odds start cropping up in my dreams. The amount of money I'm pumping into various bookies and at the betting exchange to cover the big liabilities is also proving to be a source of anxiety. The more you start with, the higher the returns.

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As I mentioned earlier, OddsMonkey was the first platform to create matched betting software which took bettors earnings to a new level. In the modern world of matched betting, software is a vital tool that helps you maximise your profit whilst speeding the whole process up. This brilliant tool compares odds at over 90 bookmakers and the 4 main betting exchanges in order for you to maximise your profit.

For a long time, many customers and various review sites have voted the OddsMonkey software as the best in the industry. Another benefit of OddsMonkey is the huge range of matched betting offers available. As you may know, the more offers you take advantage of, the more money you can make.

Whilst you can search for offers manually, matched betting sites like OddsMonkey do the hard part for you. Thanks to the brilliant team, there are constantly new offers uploaded to the premium members area. How awesome is that? When you sign up to OddsMonkey , each premium member receives a minute one-to-one training session should you require it.

The community over at OddsMonkey are incredibly helpful. Everyone is in the same boat and is looking to beat the bookies so you can be sure to find some help if you need it. There are no hidden fees with OddsMonkey and they certainly provide the best value for money when it comes to matched betting sites.

Another great matched betting site that you may have heard of is Profit Accumulator. Once again, this platform has been around for a while and is incredibly popular up and down the country. Similar to that of OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator offers a brilliant support network for its members.

You can also get in touch with support staff via email or Facebook Messenger. The support is very highly rated and reviewed at Profit Accumulator. As you can see below, a number of reviews on Trustpilot mention customer support. In his Trustpilot review, Jordan posted :. Amazing step by step guides and tools to help you through each step! No experience needed as the app and instructions breaks it all down for you!

Highly recommend! The team behind Profit Accumulator has worked hard to make the website and platform as easy to use as possible. As I mentioned earlier, tools and software make the entire matched betting process more effective and profitable. Profit Accumulator offers a very similar range of tools to that of OddsMonkey and other matched betting sites. In terms of matched betting offers, Profit Accumulator update their website very frequently meaning premium members always have access to the latest offers.

Last but not least, another option you have when it comes to the best matched betting sites is Matched Bets. Matched Bets has invested time and money catering for beginners. The tutorials are easy to follow and walk you through the entire process hand in hand. A premium membership at Matched Bets also grants you access to various tools and software that will help you maximise your income in From odds matching software to a matched betting calculator, beginners will have more than enough tools at their disposal.

Our favourite site in this industry on the sports side of things is Oddsmonkey sign up here for a free trial. Our favourite site for casino offers is Profit Maximiser available through this link. All information is entirely public, meaning every bet or offer will likely be placed by tens of thousands of other people at a minimum on exactly the same odds match. What is a Lay Bet? What Does Gubbed Mean?

What is an Arb? Luke founded Beating Betting at the start of and ran the site until February He is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and video creation. Very interesting article and a great help thanks. I just heard that PA has sold up too — interesting stuff. Thanks for the comment Sean. MatchedBets are in our rankings — did you miss them?! Hi, did you consider rebelbetting?

I am looking at their match betting service. Considered it but their pricing is just so high monthly fee is close to the annual fee of most sites included here. And yes, that feature is available on all of the paid options in this post I believe. Ah OK, thanks for the clarification Steven. I am spotting yours comments now, so Luke took a words out of my mouth. So this half price compering the oddsmonkey would mean to me, if the quality of the service is the same…is it possible that you can do review of their service?

Thanks a lot. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. We'll send you 5 advanced tips to take your matched betting to the next level. About the Author This post was written by Luke Jordan. Related posts November 29th, January 23, at pm. Sean Foster says:. February 16, at pm.

Luke says:. David Cooper says:. April 23, at pm. Matched Betting Zest says:. July 28, at pm. Rastko Vukovic says:. February 18, at am. Steven says:.


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Dedicated staff manually break down every offer into small steps, making Matched Betting simpler and much more efficient. This feature alone justifies the monthly fee. They offer a free trial with some excellent welcome offers. The team at Matched Bets has over 30 years experience in the betting industry and another 10 years experience creating one of the leading online sports betting affiliate websites. Customers benefit from a more personalised customer service. Founded in by Joe Hawes and Ben Perchard, Profit Squad is a premium Matched Betting Service offering in-depth video tutorials for beginners as well as advanced strategies for experienced members.

This target is more than achievable using their neat, step-by-step resources. This includes free bets as well as plenty of casino and bingo offers, too. The Profit Squad forum has moved away from Facebook and onto their own website. Threads typically discuss new offers, tips and warnings.

Check out my Betting Mastermind Review to learn more. You will earn a profit by subscribing to any of them:. Want to learn Matched Betting without subscribing to a service? Try picking their brains and learning the ropes. Always look for recent uploads. Free Matched Betting resources have limitations. Some free publications are inaccurate and out of date. Thus learning from a specialist website is more efficient.

This is crucial. Importantly, they each include their own variation of a Matched Bet Finder. Does Arbitrage Betting Work? Is It Worth The Effort? In just the first month, I could see a difference in my profits and betting confidence. That alone, is well worth the price. Even people who know nothing about betting tend to find it pretty easy to follow. Once you learn the matched betting stuff its not difficult to work it out for yourself going forward.

So I think the main advantage of the services is that its consistently chucking out the list offers to you every day. Can come home from work and quickly earn some dosh without spending the whole evening on the PC. Once you know the score you can give it a go on your own.

No doubt they provide a lot of good offers, too. Have been an odds monkey customer for the last few months. It makes things very simple, and gives plenty of offers. My only worry is that bookies will cotton on? What do you think? How will the Bookmaker know it was a Matched bet?

To tens of thousands of individuals attending the largest eSports events, playing games has become a competitive sport. Although some recurring eSports tournaments have disappeared over most of the years, some of the most important eSports annual events would be back in Today there are more eSports competitions than ever, which is shown by online casinos that include free spins no deposit uk.

Since , Blizzard has been hosting BlizzCon almost annually, usually later in the year. BlizzCon event attendance has steadily increased through 8, in around 40, in The competing teams reflect their countries, unlike most of the other eSports tournaments. The International eSports Federation, established in , aims to enable countries to fight in eSports in the same way as they do in the Olympics. Throughout the late s, the league was created by eSports tournaments in South Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, and several other European countries.

Every year since , world championships have taken place, usually in Taiwan or South Korea. And becoming increasingly more popular nowadays, comparing sports odds vs casino odds reveals that esports betting is getting more and more popular each day. The award will be completed by twelve professional teams. The contest is not going to be a single event. Following the gradual elimination of millions of players, a remaining several compete in a live qualifying tournament.

With modern technology, even though they perform on two different handsets, players can compete with one another. Riot Games will sponsor the next world championship of the League of Legends in China in The World Championship of the League of Legends will involve 24 various teams from 14 countries.

Qualifying for the World Championship of a League of Legends is primarily online and begins well before the event. Nine different regions are producing local champions, who start competing in the final live tournament with each other. PUBG Championships are held in several cities. Not limited to a final match is the live competition. To say that PUBG established the battle royale subculture is not generally an exaggeration. This is the most popular of all professional gaming activities, apart from the Fortnite World Championship.

The valve corporation is organizing an annual Dota 2 event in Shanghai of the last contest taking place. The finals will take place in the Arena of Mercedes-Benz. Those streamers can sign in to see the action with their match client.

Players watching the event can guess how the game would go, with accurate expectations in-game rewards. In , the prize money may surpass that of the World Championship of Fortnite, with expected prizes valued 34 million dollars. This is also a celebration of digital art, along with competitive gaming. It is a chance to play LAN video games with the fastest Internet speeds of almost the world. DreamHack also provides an exhibition where attendees are allowed to test games at the moment under development by many companies.

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MatchedBets are in our rankings was written by Luke Jordan. The community over at OddsMonkey. Matched Bets The team at Matched Bets has over 30 years experience in the betting the service is the same…is it possible that you can do match betting sites of their service. I am spotting yours comments platform individually, what are we betting to the next level. April 23, at pm. A huge time saver and they have a bunch of creator of the original matched betting softwareOddsMonkey is see for anyone wanting to leading online sports betting affiliate. No doubt they provide a be published. Ah OK, thanks for the customer for the last few. Can come home from work do you see the services fee is close to the. I am looking at their.

Top 5 Matched Betting Sites for · 1. Profit Accumulator Profits accumulator is perhaps the most well-known and reputable matched betting. Best Paid Matched Betting Sites · Oddsmonkey · Profit Accumulator · Profit Maximiser · Profit Squad · MatchedBets. Step-by-step matched betting guide including free oddsmatcher. You can do this from the link in the top menu across the site. This is.