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I served as honorary photographer as well as DNA consultant. I have a confession to make. I had a terrible case of nerves about my session. Thankfully, I have done a lot of work, so I had fodder to work with. On top of that, the session had to fit exactly into the time slot, and this was the first time presenting this particular presentation. Getting the timing down pat means lots of practice and tweaking.

RootsTech encourages their speakers to dress professionally, of course, so I took a business suit along with me. However, every person I spoke with in the days before my session encouraged me to ditch the suit and wear my DNA clothes which have become somewhat of a signature item. Perhaps I should have opted for a black shirt and leggings, but that seemed too dull. Maybe the suit after all??? I went back and forth and back and forth. I made my last tweak to my presentation about half an hour before the session, AND, I hoped fervently that the humor I planned went off as planned.

Some of my jokes were a bit subtle and others, less so. In case you wonder what these rooms look like empty. They sort of run from sea to sea. I did in practice, but not so much in the session. I hope everyone subscribed! To help make up for no handout, I gave everyone who attended a DNAexplain ribbon! The ballrooms are too large to take questions from the floor. Friday was my very long super-tough day, so by Saturday, for me, the conference had begun to wind down. RootsTech opens the doors for free for members of the LDS Church and specifically encourages children with the hope of infecting them with the genealogy bug early.

Roughly 30, people attend. For example, Jason Hewlett who had been emceeing all week told a story about his young daughter who shocked him by announcing that her favorite artist was Lady Gaga. I had originally planned to attend a couple of classes, but I was physically and emotionally drained. The background noise makes recording interviews difficult elsewhere. Yes, the black DNA vest is reversible to this white one. Talk to your physician who may order medical genetic testing.

It was snowing outside. While I was watching the dancers, I noticed a gentleman filming over my shoulder. I turned around to see if I was in his way. The dancers ended about that time, and the man filming, Jarrett Ross and I began chatting.

Jarrett is a videographer who can be seen at his GeneaVlogger YouTube channel here. As luck would have it, I was on my way to find the face painting, and Jarrett wanted to video face-painting. Match made in Heaven. She hit a home run this year too. Instead of going to the 23andMe lunch, Jarrett and I hung out in the hallway where he interviewed me and we ate snacks.

Jarrett will be posting the videos of several RootsTech interviews, including mine, on his YouTube channel soon. I did eventually have to try a Sushi Burrito though and it was pretty good, consisting or all of the typical sushi fixings inside a nori wrapper wrapped like a burrito.

In the lobby, we found Michelle Patient from Australia who I had never met before in person. Often at conferences, people are unable to connect for more than a few minutes. The perfect ending to a wonderful conference. I hope everyone took advantage of viewing the livestreamed sessions. The general sessions and the dozen or so free livestreamed sessions will be available here.

RootsTech has the ambiance of a very large family reunion. RootsTech has made a concerted effort to remediate the issues present in and they have done an excellent job. I have a few suggestions, but no complaints. My take away was something we discussed on Saturday evening at dinner. DNA and genealogy is becoming the same way.

By selecting the desired location, you can then view all of the library holdings. I divide my list into books and online work, because to view those films, you simply so and sign on to a computer in the FHL or an affiliate library near you. Unfortunately, I have no affiliate library near me.

I was behaving, truly I was when someone noticed me sitting at a table researching. After introductions, I discovered that the group of ill-behaved people clustered around a glass room was a bunch of bloggers. Of course, I knew immediately I had found my peeps, so I immediately went over and introduced myself to the rest of the group. Except, I was wearing a grey t-shirt.

Never fear though, because I had my ever-present DNA-bling. Sprinkled in were new bloggers too, so everyone was helping everyone else and it was kind of a blogger love-in. Last year, I had no idea about conference ribbons, but at RootsTech, and I understand at other conferences as well, attended collect ribbons on their badges.

Ribbons are a hot item. When I discovered that I was presenting, I wanted to have something for the attendees. Thanks so much Daniel for posting on Twitter and giving me permission to use! I knew she was a genealogist and a quilter, but I did not know she was Myrt. Actually, she tells you a bit about herself here on her YouTube Channel. So, imagine my surprise when I looked inside the production booth to see Pat.

Where was Myrt. I figured Pat must be being interviewed too. Myrt livestreams her Monday interview sessions through her blog. You can view them here. She has an amazing following. When you receive a lunch invitation to join a group of bloggers, you quickly abandon your research plans and head out to eat at the LDS Office Building a couple blocks away. While sitting at lunch, Lisa Moffit white sweater at right and I discovered that she and I are actually cousins through our Acadian lines.

How much fun is that!!! I did manage to go back to the library and research for most of the afternoon, but it was digging in a dry well. No matter where I looked, no ancestors. I perused all records for both counties today, in the hopes of discovering who they were indentured to, or anything about their missing 14 years or so. There is no sign of them in Ohio in the s. Fortunately, I had made dinner arrangements with another genetic genealogist and his wife and enjoyed spending the evening with them immensely.

I had a difficult time getting motivated to research on Tuesday, so instead I decided to walk over to the conference center and pick up my badge. Another genealogist, Carol Whitaker from Oregon, also picking up a badge was stringing yard between the pegs, so of course I had to ask her what she was doing. Attendees will be connected their traits and locations and of course, belonging.

What a great idea. I was very pleased to meet Danielle too. Those with the Ultimate Passes are assigned to a hostess who has already proven to be a Godsend. I hope I have enough ribbons! This amazing piece of art made from carpet scraps adorns the conference center just inside the door. Looks like a quilt to me, of course. By this time, I had managed to usurp most of the morning, and ran into someone who invited me for lunch again. Why knew? Nathan did me a huge, huge favor some years ago and discovered one of my ancestors in England.

Bless his heart, Nathan shared! I could never have found this record otherwise, because Nathan stumbled across it. I did eventually return to research, but apparently this is not the trip for me to make any headway whatsoever. The vendor expo hall opens at 6 PM and stays open until 8.

The first free mini-session begins in the booth at Come see me, say hello, get a brand spanking new DNAexplain ribbon and enjoy the free sessions! Gotta run! See you there! The week before RootsTech was a series of unplanned disasters. But then again, who plans a disaster. The good news is that I got through them. I now have a new car, because the old one decided to go belly up at the most inopportune time. My laptop decided to boot after all and the rest of the issues got taken care of too.

All I can say is thank goodness for my husband who does in fact know how to do laundry as well as work on computers! Everyone here treats you like family. Well, actually, the gift shop before the flight. I knew someday, someone would convince me to like carrots!

Seeing America from the air is amazing. This time, there were varying amounts of snow cover, which I found both interesting and beautiful. These photos are east to west, Detroit to Salt Lake. We had light snow cover in Michigan. Some places had less, and some more. This was right after takeoff. The clouds look like puffs of cotton. Most of the Midwest seemed to have about the same amount of snow cover. Could be the Mississippi. These irrigation circles remind me of mud pies. The snow highlights the terrain features when you can see some earth beneath.

You can see the tectonic plate uplift here. Flat on one side, then the mountains raise up majestically. Lots of snow in the mountains. I wonder how much snow is actually on the ground here. The salt flats are under about an inch and a half of water right now, which made for an incredible view.

I had a terrible time selecting photos for this article. So much beauty. You can see the salt flats better in this and the next photo. In Salt Lake City, there are mountains everyplace you look. You can see it if you squint. The size of those buildings contrasted to the mountains reminds us of the insignificance of humans. After I checked into my hotel, I decided to take a walk. I doubt the designers had that in mind.

Temple Square is behind the walls. The Mormon Office building with a nice cafeteria is the white tall structure in the distance. I flew from Michigan to Utah in three and a half hours. Even with the time getting to and from the airports, the trip was still less than a day.

This same journey took our ancestors months traveling in covered wagons and they had to build housing once they arrived. As luck would have it, a man arrived to open the building just as I was taking photos outside. I stood just inside the door with enough space to turn around to take these pictures.

Every inch of space was utilized. Just think of the parents and all the children living in this very small one room cabin. You can see half of the dresser between the two beds — so the entire cabin is the width of those two beds and the dresser. The length of the cabin is about 2 beds, roughly,. Spinning was an important part of making clothes. Of course, those pioneers had to make everything from scratch.

Somehow my ghostly appearance is fitting, peering into the lives of our ancestors from another time and place, so far away. The DNAexplain blog follower meetup which includes 2 free mini-sessions and two giveaways will be Wednesday evening from , right after the expo hall opens, in the Family Tree DNA booth, , boxed in red on the map below. Family Tree DNA has a new booth this year with a presentation center right in the booth, so we will be the first to use the new facility.

Unfortunately, Jim is unable to attend and late last week — yes — as in 4 or 5 days ago, I agreed to present this session. DNA and families are anything but boring! Several people have asked about the LiveStream schedule, which you can find here. I believe this is also the link to view the LiveStreamed sessions.

My ability to publish is sometimes constrained by poor Wi-Fi which makes it impossible to upload photos and articles. For me, the best part of RootsTech last year was meeting people in person. I look forward to seeing you there, so please come to the meetup Wednesday evening or my regular session Friday at 3 and be sure to say hi. Canals, history, genealogy, museums, jewelry the diamond capital of the world, amazing food and did I mention…genealogy. I love Amsterdam, but then again, I have Dutch ancestry on both sides of my family.

I hear my ancestors calling. Amsterdam is a major European airline hub, so very easy to reach. Last year, Rootstech was an unholy mess. I wrote about that experience here , making several positive suggestions for improvements. Fingers firmly crossed! Plus, well, you know, that library just a block down the street has a powerful addictive draw for genealogists.

Genealogy crack. They may plan better or have spillover or livestream rooms. I may actually choose to watch some sessions electronically. Several DNA sessions are included, and some sessions not livestreamed are being recorded for later playback. You can view the schedule here. If you want to see additional sessions not included in the free offering above, you can purchase a virtual pass for another 18 sessions.

You can purchase a virtual pass here. The good news is that the lines will be much shorter because many people will be receiving their passes in the mail. The conference hotels and accommodations close by are full. However, there are still many hotels that are reasonably priced a little further out. Really, all I care about is a clean room, reasonable bed, WIFI really important, a fridge in my room and hopefully, breakfast.

I enjoy the social interaction with other genealogists, met some awesome people last year, and I look forward to being your embedded reporter. Adventures await! Looking in the rear view mirror, what a year! Applause, everyone, applause! And congratulations to Jonny Perl, pictured below at Rootstech! Jonny Perl created this wonderful, visual tool that allows you to paint your matches with people on your chromosomes, assigning the match to specific ancestors. I look for and on into the future to hold many more revelations thanks to ancient DNA sequencing as well as using those sequences to assist in understanding the migration patterns of ancient people that eventually became us.

Using techniques that adoptees use to identify their close relatives and eventually, their parents, Barbara Rae-Venter assisted law enforcement with identifying the man, Joseph DeAngelo, accused not yet convicted of being the Golden State Killer GSK.

A very large congratulations to Barbara, a retired patent attorney who is also a genealogist. Nature recognized Ms. DNA is also represented on the Nature list by Viviane Slon , a palaeogeneticist who discovered an ancient half Neanderthal, half Denisovan individual and sequenced their DNA and He JianKui , a Chinese scientist who claims to have created a gene-edited baby which has sparked widespread controversy.

In , 23andMe patented the technology for designer babies and I removed my kit from their research program. I was concerned at the time that this technology knife could cut two ways, both for good, eliminating fatal disease-causing mutations and also for ethically questionable practices, such as eugenics.

I expect the debate about the ethics and eventual regulation of gene-editing will rage globally for years to come. I wrote about what those results meant scientifically, here. This topic became highly volatile and politicized, with everyone seeming to have a very strongly held opinion. Regardless of where you fall on that opinion spectrum and no, please do not post political comments as they will not be approved , the topic is likely to surface again in due to the fact that Elizabeth Warren has just today announced her intention to run for President.

The good news is that DNA testing will likely be discussed, sparking curiosity in some people, perhaps encouraging them to test. The bad news is that some of the discussion may be unpleasant at best, and incorrect click-bait at worst.

The Golden State Killer case sparked widespread controversy about using GedMatch and potentially other genetic genealogy data bases to assist in catching people who have committed violent crimes, such as rape and murder. GedMatch, the database used for the GSK case has made it very clear in their terms and conditions that DNA matches may be used for both adoptees seeking their families and for other uses, such as law enforcement seeking matches to DNA sequenced during a criminal investigation.

Since April , more than 15 cold case investigations have been solved using the same technique and results at GedMatch. Parabon Nanolabs in May established a genetic genealogy division headed by CeCe Moore who has worked in the adoptee community for the past several years. The division specializes in DNA testing forensic samples and then assisting law enforcement with the associated genetic genealogy.

Currently, GedMatch is the only vendor supporting the use of forensic sample matching. MyHeritage went from a somewhat wobbly DNA start about 2 years ago to rolling out a chromosome browser at the end of January and adding important features such as SmartMatching which matches your DNA and your family trees.

Additionally, he announced that MyHeritage partnered with the adoption community by offering 15, free kits to adoptees. You can follow my journey and the conference in Olso here , here , here , here and here. I think the concept of users being in charge and understanding what is happened with their data, and in this case, their data plus their DNA, is absolutely sound. The requirements however, were created without any consideration to this industry — which is small by comparison to the Googles and Facebooks of the world.

However, the Googles and Facebooks of the world along with many larger vendors seem to have skated, at least somewhat. Other companies shut their doors or restricted their offerings in other ways, such as World Families Network and Oxford Ancestors. Vendors such as Ancestry and Family Tree DNA had to make unpopular changes in how their users interface with their software — in essence making genetic genealogy more difficult without any corresponding positive return.

The potential fines, 20 million plus Euro for any company holding data for EU residents made it unwise to ignore the mandates. Not everyone uploaded their results, and the sites had not been updated in a number of years, but the closure due to GDPR was still a community loss.

Today, mitoydna. All customers are guaranteed a minimum of STR markers in total. Matching was implemented in December. These additional STR markers allow genealogists to assemble additional line marker mutations to more granularly identify specific male lineages.

I was very pleased to see this development, because Family Tree DNA clearly has the largest Y database in the industry, by far, and now everyone can reap the benefits. In October, Family Tree DNA published their mitochondrial tree publicly as well, with corresponding haplogroup locations. They are the only vendor offering full Y and mitochondrial services complete with matching. My attendance is very doubtful, although I vacillate back and forth.

On the other hand, the MyHeritage LIVE conference was amazing with both livestreamed and recorded sessions which are now available free here along with many others at Legacy Family Tree Webinars. The Virtual Genealogical Association was formed for those who find it difficult or impossible to participate in local associations. They too are focused on education via webinars. Genetic Genealogy Ireland continues to provide their yearly conference sessions both livestreamed and recorded for free.

Everyone can benefit and I enjoy them immensely. Hope to see you there. In September, Dana Leeds publicized The Leeds Method, another way of grouping your matches that clusters matches in a way that indicates your four grandparents. Great job Dana! In December, Genetic Affairs introduced an inexpensive subscription reporting and visual clustering methodology , but you can try it for free. I love this grouping tool. I have not worked with the new tool yet, as it has just been released, but Kitty Cooper has and writes about it here.

I have not had a chance to work with Rootsfinder beyond the very basics, but Rootsfinder provides genetic network displays for people that you match, as well as triangulated views. Genetic networks visualizations are great ways to discern patterns. The tool creates match or triangulation groups automatically for you. The newer GSA chip is only partially compatible with the OmniExpress chip, providing limited overlap between the older and the new results.

This has forced the vendors to use imputation to equalize the playing field between the chips, so to speak. This has also caused a significant hardship for GedMatch who is now in the position of trying to match reasonably between many different chips that sometimes overlap minimally.

GedMatch introduced Genesis as a sandbox beta version previously, but are now in the process of combining regular GedMatch and Genesis into one. Yes, there are problems and matching challenges. Patience is the key word as the various vendors and GedMatch adapt and improve their required migration to imputation. In June Blaine Bettinger announced DNACentral , an online monthly or yearly subscription site as well as a monthly newsletter that covers news in the genetic genealogy industry.

Many educators in the industry have created seminars for DNACentral. Even though I work in this industry, I still subscribed — initially to show support for Blaine, thinking I might not get much out of the newsletter. I enjoy the newsletter and will be watching sessions in the Course Library and the Monthly Webinars soon. The good news is that many new people are engaged.

I created a Help page for just this reason. You can help with this issue by recommending subscribing to these three blogs, not just reading an article, to newbies or people seeking answers. Always feel free to post links to my articles on any social media platform. Share, retweet, whatever it takes to get the words out!

The general genetic genealogy social media group I would recommend if I were to select only one would be Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques. Now the bad news. Everyone had noticed the popularity of DNA testing — including shady characters. Blackmon, Douglas A. Anchor, Dictionary of Afro-American slavery. Praeger, Ginzburg, Ralph. Black Classic Press, Hait, Michael.

Records of the Slave Claims Commissions, Hait Family History Research Services, Oubre, Claude F. Louisiana State University Press, Potts, Howard E. A comprehensive name index for the American slave. Greenwood Press, We are delighted that Portland Center Stage is offering friends of GFO two special offers for an upcoming play that happens to revolve around genealogy!

Get tickets here. Temple compiled this page local history, complete with a genealogical register. It was published by the town of Palmer in Map 1 folds out to show the Original Elbow District from to , including the names of individual land owners. Map 2 folds out to show Palmer in All the pages and maps are as dark and readable as when they were published.

However, the hardback cover has separated from the spine. Please contact booksales gfo. Do not inquire at the reception desk first; receptionists do not handle these book sales. Many of the missing ancestor stories we received centered on DNA discoveries not the parent expected , orphans, and out of wedlock births.

Also, according to respondents, Irish ancestors are particularly elusive. I have a set of names, but are they the names of the people who raised him or of his parents? He was from Ireland and was in the British 99th Regiment of Foot. His Regiment was sent to Canada to fight the Americans in the war of I cannot find anything beyond them. I know that William signed his military papers near Roundtree, Ireland. After the War of , they stayed in Canada and two generations later my great grandfather and his family immigrated to Washington.

They were among the first settlers in Clark county. Take our Survey. Questions may be directed to: Duane Funk at uk gfo. Tuesday, October 1st Italian Ancestry Group a. Come join other Italian-American genealogists and find out what civil records are, how to excavate them, and what types are available since Italian Unification, — ! Ci vediamo! If you have questions or want more information, contact Nancy Metheny at italian gfo. Wednesday, October 2nd Learn and Chat a.

Please bring tales of your latest genealogy related adventures and a wish list of subjects to build our calendar. Facilitators: Jeanne Quan and Sandy Alto. General questions are welcome at the end of each planned discussion. Lisa McCullough leads this group.. Learn key German words, phrases and phonetics to decipher records, as well as naming conventions to identify who is who.

Become familiar with key words, phrases and naming patterns to decipher and understand what you find. September Free Gen Talk. Evernote is a cloud-based app designed for note taking, organizing, task lists, and archiving. Notes can be made up of written information, audio files, photos, and even video files. Once created, files can be viewed and worked on across all of your electronic platforms iOS, Android, etc. He will review the basics and spend more time helping you dial in some of the more advanced features.

We hope you will join us! It features thousands of records. We can all thank our outgoing webmaster, Maggie McNair, for valiantly bringing our website into the modern era. She insured that everything made it from the old site to the new site and looks great to boot. Maggie has since shepherded the updated site through two redesigns. Are you comfortable with a computer and data entry? Our Membership team is facing some imminent long-term absences. We need to be able to keep up with member renewals and welcome new members without inordinate delays.

Remember, the GFO is all-volunteer. You are the reason the GFO is so strong. The topic next Wednesday will cover:. The Fall Seminar is just around the corner, and event preparations are kicking into high gear. Kerby just above Fremont. Many positions are only a couple of hours, but those couple of hours are really important! Please click on the link below to see if one of the seminar tasks is a fit for your schedule.

Thank you so much for your help! Troutdale Historical Society particpates in Museum Day. Museum Day is an annual celebration of boundless curiosity hosted by Smithsonian magazine. Participating museums and cultural institutions across the country provide free entry to anyone presenting a Museum Day ticket.

The Museum Day ticket provides free admission for two people on Saturday, September 21, Follow this link to get your tickets to all participating museums. This week at GFO …. Our presenter will be Harold Hinds, discussing the new bibliography of resources for black genealogical research within the GFO Library. This bibliography will be made available at the library and online as a reference for researchers.

Attendees at the meeting will each receive a copy of the bibliography. You do not have to be a GFO member to participate! GenTalk: Evernote for Genealogy, pt. He will review the basics, and spend more time helping you dial in some of the more advanced features. Sunday, September 22nd Library Work Party a. Free for GFO Members! Bring your Mac to participate with instruction. If you would like additional information for attending this class, please email us at college pmug.

The GFO has always been an all-volunteer organization. Keeping our library open 7 days a week is a tribute to everyone who gives their time so generously. We require a minimum of two people on duty per shift for the safety of our volunteers. However, not enough volunteers are offering to serve as research assistants.

Our schedule is full of regular holes. The board of directors has now begun grappling with some difficult questions. Should we reduce hours of operation? Do we close entirely on certain days? We are making one change immediately due to lack of demand and volunteers: First Free Mondays will close at 5 p. Might you be willing to help at our reception desk or aid our patrons in their research?

We need you. We offer training! Please contact volunteer coordinator Alice Duff at volunteer gfo. Seats are still available! Come for a full day of German Genealogy lessons and a half day of Dutch resources. Understand the various factors that led to emigration. On Sunday, learn key words, phrases and naming patterns to decipher Dutch records, then get started locating those records. Sign up for one or both days! We hope to see you there! Just a reminder that the St. Helens Public Library is offering a full day of genealogy classes in its Bridges to the Past conference on Saturday, September You can choose from an array of GFO stars to hear from.

Every single speaker is a GFO Member! Kate Eckman offers the keynote address. The best part…this conference is entirely free to attend! Registration is limited. Only 80 seats are available. If you would like to attend, you may register here. These are just a few of the German books we have at GFO to aid your research. He dazzled attendees when he was here last. This is one not to miss! The Fall Seminar is less than a month away and event preparations are kicking into high gear.

All positions are available; actors, guides, set up, and logistics, starting now and up to the evening of the event, Saturday October 26th. They need folks to make this popular Halloween event amazing. You will help protect the cemetery while learning about Portland history and having fun. Or have a skill to share? Lend a bit of ambiance to the tours. Station yourself, or wander the grounds. Enjoy your Halloween together a fun, unique way for a good cause! Proceeds from this event go towards the historic preservation efforts at Lone Fir Cemetery.

For more information and to sign up please email info friendsoflonefircemetery. Surplus Book: Skamania County Obits Know anyone with roots in the Columbia Gorge in Skamania County? Obituaries from the Skamania Pioneer Newspaper, , features death notices compiled by Homer and Alice Townsend. Our copy happens to be autographed by Homer Townsend himself! Some of the stories you sent were very interesting. Both he and Grandma Dolly managed to escape the sunken truck and were eventually picked up several miles downriver by others heading home.

At a turn, Mur bounced off and laid unconscious in the dust. My great-great-grandparents Anthony Simpson and Helen Crawford and their four children, including my great-grandmother Emma Jane age 8, departed New York on May 22, , aboard the passenger steamer Golden Rule destined for Nicaragua. Only eight days later, the ship ran aground on the infamous Roncador Reef off the Nicaraguan coast. Miraculously, all passengers survived and took refuge on a nearby island for 10 days before they were rescued and taken to Aspinwall, Panama.

They crossed the isthmus by train and boarded the steamer America for San Francisco on June Helen wanted to stay longer in San Francisco to replace their clothing ruined in the disaster. Anthony insisted they take the next boat north — the Brother Jonathan. They averted another shipwreck by leaving quickly.

On July 30, the subsequent journey north of the Brother Jonathan, the ship wrecked off Crescent City and only 19 of the persons aboard survived. Take the survey to tell us the closest generation where you are stuck. Take the Survey Now. We will be welcoming two guest speakers. He then spent time traveling the Great Lakes and was a pioneer of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Second, Elsie Deatherage will demonstrate a spreadsheet system that can help both organize and analyze our genealogical research data.

For more information or if you know someone who might be interested in speaking to our group, contact us at GreatLakes gfo. Peggy Baldwin facilitates this group and can be reached at writers gfo. Sunday, September 15th Library Work Party a.

The topic will be importing media and photos into the program. Users of FTM can also bring other questions to discuss with the group. Bring your laptop with version of FTM installed and an empty usb thumb drive. Share stories of our history. Come and join this group to learn more about French Canadian ancestry and Acadia. The group leader is Bob LaMarche.

FrCan gfo. And if you have been doing genealogy for any length time you have likely experienced the wonderful moments of exhilaration, the successes that you then share with others and that drive you to continue researching. Unfortunately those times can be few and far between. Join us to talk about your genealogy questions and help provide support to others. Facilitated by Jeanne Quan and Sandy Alto.

It is ideal for those new to DNA testing for genealogy. General questions regarding DNA testing are welcome at the end of each planned discussion. There are still a few seats available! Register Here. This will be an exceptional educational opportunity that we are exited to bring to our membership and the community at large.

The meeting will be held from a. Includes all classes, dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. MacCamp is held at Oral Hull Park outside of Sandy Oregon, which features gardens and walking paths to explore throughout the weekend. Bring your laptops and iPads to participate in classes. For questions, more information, or to register, refer to the flyer.

It provides complete details as well as a link for the application for the camp. There were only a few responses to our query about other natural disasters that impacted ancestors. Here are a few of the comments we received. My grandmother told me her brother sent her scurrying out the barn door and into the house when a storm came up. He was in the doorway of the barn when lightning struck and he died. He was engaged at the time.

My family, including me, survived Hurricane Eloise in During the three days we were stuck there, my mother was zapped by lightning once while talking on the phone. You asked for a survey about shipwrecks, train wrecks, and more. So, here it is! Help us wrap up our disaster survey theme with a bang! To learn more about all types of disasters in U. Saturday, September 7th Virginia Interest Group a. We will also be planning for future meetings, so come ready to discuss your research goals.

For more information see our blog: Virginia Roots and Vines. German Interest Group — p. It is intended to be a source of information and inspiration for anyone with German speaking ancestors. One goal is to provide information on a variety of topics related to Germanic history and migration. We also will provide time for members to share their research journeys and connect with others who may be researching the same region or time period.

For questions or more information, contact german gfo. This class gives an overview of what is available and techniques to help improve your chances of finding information about your relatives. Presenter: Janice Sellers. Registration is required for this event. Tuesday, September 10th Board Meeting — p. Free for GFO Members. If you would like additional information about this class, please email college pmug.

As we prepare for our upcoming Fall Seminar this October, can you help? We need items for our raffle. Do you have anything to donate? If your item is not new, it must be in exceptionally good condition for us to be able to offer it. Suggestions include genealogically-related books, household decorations, carry bags, certificates toward GFO membership or research costs, and computer items.

Thanks so much! Jewish Genealogy Presentation. The meeting will be held beginning at p. Doors will open at p. Free Wi-Fi is available. Come early to network with other attendees! The St. You can choose from a cavalcade of GFO stars to hear from. This conference is entirely free to attend! The Historical Oregonian is an amazing resource for finding obituaries, death and funeral notices, and even researching your house history. The Multnomah County Library will be offering a class to help you learn the skills and techniques for searching this computer-based archive of local newspaper articles.

There will be two offerings of this class. Registration is currently open for the class offering at p. Registration will open September 1, for a second offering of the class to be held at p. Seats are limited and you can register here. Thirty-six people came out to hear him, including State Representative Rob Nosse and employees of the city of Portland.

GFO President Vince Patton spoke up for our members, expressing concern about the safety risk of people getting trapped — literally — either on 11th Ave. Before a train leaves, a brakeman must do an important safety test at the rear of the train, then walk more than a mile to the front of the train before it can move. Vince says he was dumbfounded to learn that the Union Pacific considers this the most efficient way to operate.

Surplus Book: French Cookery of Sometimes we receive books that have nothing at all to do with genealogy. Germain Carter includes a foreword by T. Rapp, British Ambassador to Mexico. Carter wrote this recipe book in , eleven years before Julia Child released her tome on French Cooking. What is most remarkable is that she wrote the bulk of it while a prisoner of war during World War II, exiled to four different internment camps, as Germany controlled her French countryside.

This book features recipes and suggested menus for all seasons. This book is in sound, sturdy condition, with a few stains on pages and many yellowed edges from age. Someone previously and oddly encased the cover in shelf paper. Not many of you reported the impact of fire on your ancestors.

Percentages approximate:. Everyone survived unharmed and my cousin has a tale for her children and grandchildren. He then married his second wife my maternal grandmother in It is amazing to me that she lived before antibiotics. My great-grandparents had just immigrated from Switzerland. They were living in Bakeoven, Wasco County with their first child. A chimney fire chased them out of the house, and they lost everything. Drop by at the time that works for you. Send a note to manuscripts gfo.

Tuesday, September 3rd Italian Ancestry Group a. Learn the twists and turns your ancestor navigated when we learn about the naturalization process, what laws governed the application process, and where to find this genealogy gold during the Great Migration of paesani from Italy — Instructor: Nancy Bronte Matheny. We are reconvening after the traditional summer hiatus. If you have questions or want more information, email learnandchat gfo.

Have you hunted all over the web to find the answer, but are still fighting that brick wall? Learn how several Y-DNA matches were able to find their common ancestor s in just one day! You can download the handout here. Did you know the GFO offers access to two different databases filled with historic newspapers?

We pay for Newspapers. Click here for more detailed information. The two organizations, both non-profit leaders in the dynamic genealogy industry, will form one consolidated group that will continue to operate as the National Genealogical Society. Leaders of both organizations believe this merger will serve the genealogy community by improving support of both individual members and societies in the pursuit of genealogical excellence.

The organizational structure of NGS will be modified to increase functions that support genealogical societies and family organizations.

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I am always collecting data, and hopefully the next update will have more than , submissions! The full PDF for Version 4. Today, the most recent version of the ScP, Version 4. For each relationship the s or s of submissions were analyzed to remove outliers, to provide minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation values, and to generate a histogram for the distribution of the submissions.

Here are some of the other differences between this new Version 4. Some of us have even made it. A joke or implication about an affair or dalliance that conceived a child, often referring to the milkman or a neighbor. A few years ago during a lecture, I make a flippant remark about a misattributed parentage conception.

After the talk, an audience member came up and called me out for being flippant about misattributed parentage conceptions. And the audience member was right, I had been flippant. I was wrong. All information is anonymized. There is a danger that it could support misinterpretation rather than foster critical thinking. Avoid confirmation bias! This was discussed in a previous article about outliers, but it bears repeating.

The biggest winner of all, of course, is the consumer! The first two require an opt-in, while everyone is currently eligible for ThruLines. There is a LOT to digest with these tools, including knowing how to use them and understanding their limitations. I thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss outliers and how to deal with them.

Sheryl kindly agreed! Sheryl indicated that she and her mother Grace appeared to be outliers with Sally, their first cousin 1C and first cousin once removed 1C1R , respectively. It is canon that you received your mtDNA from your mother, who received it from her mother, who received it from her mother, back through time to Mitochondrial Eve.

But could that canon be wrong? Probably not. What is missed from the media coverage, however, is that these families were identified because member s were presenting with conditions that made the researchers suspect a mitochondrial disorder. I entered the world of direct-to-consumer genetics in with an autosomal DNA test from one of the first companies offering this type of testing.

I have a Ph. Sample Interviews and Spotlights :. The Genetic Genealogist is a private website funded by the author and supplemented with minimal advertising. The information in this blog is for education and should NEVER be a substitute for advice from your personal physician. Just like you, the Genetic Genealogist is concerned about privacy. We will never sell your personal information to anyone for any reason.

If you submit your email address to subscribe to updates or leave a comment, that address will never be used for any other purpose. Pretty component to content. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to claim that I get actually loved account your blog posts. Hello, I am enjoying your blog. We have had genetic tests done on my brother and they are interesting, but we have no idea how to interpret the results! How can I find someone who can interpret the results for us?

When you have an open community public tree where everyone and anyone can add data, means that people with not good intentions can also add data, — subtract data, or move it around into different family lines. How many family relationships demonstrated by the paper trail even under GPS standards will end up incorrect?

When even original records have conflicting details, will all genealogists agree on which is the most accurate? We have countless online outlets to submit genealogical data. Books and journals continue to be published as well. Are all of them ever going to reflect the exact same data? Who is the ultimate authority anyway?

Accuracy is a worthwhile goal, but genealogy is a mess because humans beings are a mess. Great read! Sequence beginning and end? I am totally confused by different methods. A cousin had y-dna testing done hoping to lead to the identity of an unknown great-grandfather. I am furiously trying to learn as much about dna testing as possible, as quickly as possible. Is this possible? Where should I direct these questions so that they get to you, the author?

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All information is anonymized. There is a danger that it could support misinterpretation rather than foster critical thinking. Avoid confirmation bias! This was discussed in a previous article about outliers, but it bears repeating. The biggest winner of all, of course, is the consumer! The first two require an opt-in, while everyone is currently eligible for ThruLines.

There is a LOT to digest with these tools, including knowing how to use them and understanding their limitations. I thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss outliers and how to deal with them. Sheryl kindly agreed!

Sheryl indicated that she and her mother Grace appeared to be outliers with Sally, their first cousin 1C and first cousin once removed 1C1R , respectively. It is canon that you received your mtDNA from your mother, who received it from her mother, who received it from her mother, back through time to Mitochondrial Eve. But could that canon be wrong? Probably not. What is missed from the media coverage, however, is that these families were identified because member s were presenting with conditions that made the researchers suspect a mitochondrial disorder.

Artifact testing promises to be an interesting component of the future DNA evidence and genealogy. If we can obtain and reliably identify DNA from deceased ancestors, relatives, or other individuals, we might be able to enrich our genealogical research. But seriously, there are many thousands, potentially millions, of artifacts that could possess DNA from long-dead individuals.

We are amassing one of the largest collections of genealogical information ever created, in the form of DNA match data. DNA evidence is being added as an additional record to support existing genealogical conclusion, being used to generate new hypotheses, and helping break down decades-old brick walls. Many DNA test takers have a wealth of genetic relatives! For example, I have more than 50, different genetic cousins across all the genealogy DNA testing companies.

Unfortunately, the testing companies have not provided users with the tools necessary to organize these matches. Indeed, clustering and organization of genetic cousins is a huge component of the future of DNA evidence. Clustering of our matches allows us to identify information that is not visible or apparent when the matches are unorganized. I worked with a programmer to build this extension.

I am furiously trying to learn as much about dna testing as possible, as quickly as possible. Is this possible? Where should I direct these questions so that they get to you, the author? Hi Dr. I have a quick question about my DNA sample from ancestry. How is it that in some cases the children have a higher percentage of DNA attributed to a certain place than the parents? Thank you very much. One of them was telling us that you are doing a study re Endogenous families.

Some of us were discussing it and wondering does that mean intermarrying in a community or where your can trace your ancestors and your husbands ancestors back in the centuries to where they met up and married. I have traced my husband and mine back to a marriage in with one family in Meopham, Kent and another marriage in Speldhurst, Kent.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks for all that you have and are doing for we amateur genealogists. Are there any estimates on the probability that two related people at a specified degrees of separation or relationship will have an AncestryDNA match? The Shared cM Project Version 4. I am interested in probabilities for longer degrees of separation. Your email address will not be published. Courtesy CeCe Moore.

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