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Pinnacle sports betting apic sports bet results

Pinnacle sports betting apic

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Team Issue GS brings the freestyle look into the racing world. The S. For over 60 years SCOTT has gone beyond the industry standard to introduce carbon fiber and aluminum systems into our ski poles to make them the best in the world. Filament winding allows high-fiber volumetric fraction and the use of continuous fibers, which leads to high strength and reliable poles.

Glass fibers allow for a high amount of flexibility and durability, while carbon fibers, with their unique strength to weight ratio, lead to high strength, powerful and light poles. Swaging is a process that utilizes a series of dies to reduce the outside diameter creating the taper and to increase wall thickness adding strength. The taper results in an improved aerodynamic profile, lighter swing weight, and increased strength. Light, stiff, with unmatchable performance, Carbon Construction is used in SCOTT skis, poles and boots because there are no shortcuts to building a better product.

They will withstand any beating that a skier throws its way. Constructed with the strongest commercially available, aircraft-grade aluminumzinc alloy that has been heat treated and aged in order to confer its excellent properties. S4 aluminum poles are twice as strong as the industry standard and possess a very high strength to weight ratio. This magnesium aluminum alloy has been strain hardened to confer high strength and good resistance. Carbon fiber reduces vibration and absorbs shock while improving feel and providing the best swing weight.

These poles show great quality-to-price ratio with a good resistance and strength. CARBON MATRIX Carbon matrix ski poles, also processed using filament winding, maintain all the positive attributes of carbon fiber while integrating fiberglass to create a carbon matrix that possesses the high strength of carbon as well as a good flexibility and durability while keeping a light weight. The lightweight, streamlined profile facilitates necessary wrist articulation. Easy and fast to grab — Combination of materials for best performance — Light weight and comfort.

The Foam is designed for multi-season use with bare hands. The injection-molded nylon buckle exceeds a tensile strength of psi. This basket is featured on our slalom race poles. The basket is a solid 90 mm in diameter and has strategic holes to maintain a swing weight that is comfortable for everyday use. The 3. The summer features a 4cm and the winter a 9cm disk. This high performance tip enhances traction on ice and guarantees better durability. Available in sizes: 11 mm and 9 mm.

Scott offers two basket sizes to change: 30mm and 80mm. The SCOTT Speed probe is a lightweight and strong aluminum probe with auto-locking tension system that assembles in seconds. In , we pushed the boundaries of safety and innovation in a ski helmet once again. We are proud to say that it is one of the safest and most ventilated helmets on the market.

We obsessedaver every detail, every material and every technology to develop the Symbol 2. Exceptional comes as a standard. SCOTT helmets, get your head in the game. With a variety of functional safety features, this helmet gives you the peace of mind to keep your eye on the prize, not on your gear. With additional features like a headlamp fixation and dual padding configuration, the Couloir 2 can perform in both winter and summer conditions.

All of this can put your head and body at risk. SCOTT goes beyond the norm to protect you from impacts of all magnitudes as forces large and small can affect you and your ability to make it home. A revolutionary technology that lets the helmet slide relative to the head, adding more protection against rotational violence to the brain caused by angled impacts.

Years of research have led to the introduction of this leap in helmet safety. A specifically-shaped inner piece in our ear pads, surrounded by sound transparent fabric, not only lets you hear better, but also localize sound more accurately.

Whether its vents were open or closed we successfully obtained the widest temperature scale among all the other helmets we tested. It is perfect for everyday skiing, offering great protection and comfort. Its integrated active venting makes it the perfect match for cold winter days or spring ski sessions.

This versatile helmet is lightweight, comfortable, and offers a high level of protection. All our Fit Systems pay particular attention to the interface between your head and your helmet for optimal fit. Easily find the perfect height of the rear ergonomic cradle while the helmet is on your head and dial in the perfect pressure using the beautifully engineered micro adjustment dial. Adjust the height of the rear ergonomic cradle and dial in the perfect pressure using the micro adjustment dial.

For this reason our helmet range offers four of the most advanced safety technologies on the market. However, on impact the molecules lock together to spread impact energy and reduce transmitted impact force to the brain.

SCOTT goggles have a clear vision of the future. This technology revolutionized skiing in flat light conditions and is today fully integrated into every SCOTT Goggle lens. SCOTT is proud to introduce this concept to goggles in this current offering of. As one of the industry leaders in high performance optics, Scott Precision Optics was launched with the introduction of revolutionary Amplifier patent in The unique aspect of Amplifier Technology is the shape of the visible light transmission curve.

These ranges of light are the most important for the human eye to enhance contrast and clarity. Optimized for different lighting conditions, the Amplifier technology filters the balance of visible light transmitted through the lens to provide more contrast and clarity. Part of a total of 9 layers, the Amplifier goggle lens is unique and will let you charge down any terrain covered in snow. The interchangeable lens and fit systems allow skiers to fully adapt their vision.

Thanks to the LCG and its portable low-profile molded lens case, you can now quickly and confidently adjust to whatever the mountain throws at you. Included in every pair is an additional lens in a lowprofile molded lens case. The SCOTT Fix goggle has articulating outriggers enabling the user to customize the goggle's fit to helmets and adjust the level of frame ventilation. A thin frame construction and a spherical OptiView lens ensures a large field of vision with distortion free optics.

The depth of the newly designed frame has been reduced, delivering a large spherical OptiView lens with a massive field of vision in a slim modern design. With 2-layer molded face foam and a spherical OptiView lens, the Muse Pro delivers the best in distortion free optics with superior comfort for smaller faces.

The Muse goggle features a Cylindrical TruView lens and single layer face foam, offering skiers with smaller faces a high performing goggle at a friendly price. The Muse Pro OTG goggle features a Cylindrical TruView lens and single layer face foam, offering skiers with smaller faces a high performing goggle at a friendly price.

The SCOTT Jr Witty goggle brings all of the great features from the popular Jr Hookup into a more fun, modern design to ensure that the next generation of little rippers can look their best while benefiting from improved helmet integration. The JR Agent is perfect for all the little shredders out there, optimized for smaller faces. Designed to fit perfectly and to create a great shopping experience, these clever products will save both you and the end-consumer time by simplifying the decision-making and orders with pre-defined and stylish combos at an attractive pricing.

These lenses react to light changes and within seconds the lens will either darken when the brightness gets stronger or lighten when the sunlight gets weaker. Letting in slightly more light than the Illuminator and paired with the Amplifier technology, this lens will help your eyes see every detail on the mountain. This specific high intensity light is responsible for those tired eyes and can even become dangerous when exposed frequently.

We developed the SCOTT Solar Blocker lens in order to filter out as many of these blue rays as possible, while keeping the ones that enhance definition and clarity. A greater chamber volume also helps to fight fogging. These are low profile, flexible, and offer a unique look. The mechanical slider on the side of the goggle raises the lens off the frame, meaning the lens can easily be changed without having to touch the surface of the lens or take off your gloves. This technology blocks snow and water from entering the goggle.

The first two layers provide moisture wicking properties to keep you warm and dry. The 3rd layer is a plush flock material that seals out the elements providing an unmatched fit and the highest level of comfort. Based on this you will be able to find the goggle you crave, no matter if you have a small, medium or large face. At high intensity, this blue light is a danger for the eyes. In addition, due to this high intensity, the ambient brightness makes it hard to focus on other colors and therefore reduces contrasts.

We developed SCOTT Solar in order to filter out as many of these blue rays as possible while keeping the ones helping definition and clarity. SCOTT is a pioneer in contrast enhancing lenses, thanks to 20 years of research on the equivalent issue in winter goggles.

Therefore, we used our expertise to develop the perfect lens technology for medium-light conditions. In order to ensure that riders are safe from the impact of pebbles and flying debris all SCOTT lenses not only meet, but exceed the required impact resistance standards required for bike lenses.

It provides both an unobstructed field of vision and a large focus on protection resulting from the maximum coverage protecting your eyes from wind and various lying debris. For optimal comfort, the frame geometry is specifically designed to fit well with helmets that have added coverage around the temple area, while the shorter arms concept provides perfect compatibility with helmet fit systems.

Just as no two people are alike, neither are their noses. For that reason we have developed an adjustable nose piece that can be bent for custom fit, offering superior grip and unparalleled comfort. With our ELC system, it will take you just a few seconds to switch lenses quickly and to continue your ride with the lens the most adapted to the light: better vision, better comfort, better performance. The innovative design, with its XL lens creating a perfect shield, has had a large focus on protection.

The Spur offers maximum coverage in order to protect your eyes from wind and various flying debris from the ground. The low-profile branches are specifically designed to fit well with helmets that have added coverage over the temples for optimal comfort. The Spur is delivered with three lenses. A clear one for riding at night or in bad weather, a red chrome amplifier that enhances contrast in low luminosity environments and a grey lens that blocks high intensity rays and thereby reduces eye fatigue during sunny days.

Furthermore, these sunglasses are delivered with an adjustable nose piece as well as a sport multi-lens case and micro fiber bag for convenient storage. The Spur LS is delivered with a spare lens, an adjustable nose piece and a hard case with a micro fiber bag.

The Spur is delivered with a spare lens, an adjustable nose piece and a hard case with a micro fiber bag. Where conventional sports eyewear can move and slip off of your face due to vibrations, the intelligent and highly engineered frame construction of the SCOTT Leap ensures a perfect fit around your head, in all conditions. In addition, designed specifically to rest as closely as possible to your face compared to conventional eyewear and also permits an increased width of vision without the blinders effect, allowing a wider field of vision.

With one lens for bright light conditions and another for low light conditions, you will be ready for long days in the saddle, regardless of the weather. The SCOTT Leap sunglasses are our multi-functional sport shields of choice that challenge the standards of comfort and performance, guaranteeing an unobstructed field of vision and unparalleled fit thanks to the adjustable nose piece.

The Leap is delivered with three lenses. Furthermore, these sunglasses are delivered with an adjustable nose piece as well as a sport multi-lens case with a micro fiber bag for convenient storage. The SCOTT Leap LS sunglasses are our multi-functional sport shields of choice that challenge the standards of comfort and performance, guaranteeing an unobstructed field of vision and unparalleled fit thanks to the adjustable nose piece.

Equipped with our industry leading light sensitive lens technology these sunnies have you covered in any light or weather conditions. The Leap LS is delivered with a spare lens, an adjustable nose piece and a hard case with a micro fiber bag. The Leap is delivered with a spare lens, an adjustable nose piece and a hard case with a micro fiber bag. This creates an unobstructed field of vision and increases protection as the large coverage of the lens protects your eyes from wind and various flying debris.

The innovative temple tip rubber construction minimizes pressure points while providing supreme grip - all you need to focus on the ride ahead of you. With pressure point free construction these shades are as comfy as they get. Grab a pair of Vectors and get out there!

Features include a trendy and protective large lens design for supreme coverage, a flexible hinge construction, rubber temple tips with textured pads for unmatched grip during any ride and no-slip soft nose pads for all-day comfort. The innovative hinge flex construction paired with the textured temple tips minimizes pressure points while providing supreme grip. The SCOTT Tune sunglasses perfectly blend the pinnacle of eyewear performance characteristics with a lifestyle design that will make you look stylish at any occasion.

Here is to that hell of a climb, the adrenaline pumping descent, and that well deserved end of the day beer. Blending classic and cool elements together, SCOTT athletes and designers sat down to develop a pair of lifestyle shades that will fit any occasion. Multiple lens options, as well as stunning brushed metal inserts make the C-Note an item to always have ready for when the sun is shining.

Premium finishes such as laser cut vents, a chest pocket and high quality fabrics give the vest a sleek and discreet look. It is our most high end vest protector to date. Premium finishes such as laser cut vents, a chest pocket and high quality fabrics gives the vest a sleek and discreet look.

It is our most high end vest protector to date, designed specifically for women. For improved protection of your back and spine with extended support in the crucial lumbar area. Designed specifically for women. With an extended lumbar plate, shoulder strap and waist belt that are stitched directly to the plate. The shoulder straps and waist belt are stitched directly to the back plate for supreme comfort.

The functionality of the raw material originates from the synergetic effects of the polymer-based dilatant. Energy is distributed throughout the synthetic elastomeric polymer and the enhanced chemistry continues to disperse the energy throughout the matrix, significantly reducing the effect of impact. Level 1 - according to the European Standard EN : Patrollers spend more time in the mountains than anyone, so good protection is absolutely necessary.

They spoke. We listened. A completely new inflation system and lightweight technical design makes this the next generation of avalanche packs. Innovation, care and precision are the values that we maintain during each step of the development and the production of our avalanche airbags. These values are the moto that drives us to obtain this level of quality in the products with such a high level of reliability.

Thanks to the partnership with SCOTT, we have been able to combine the best airbags and backpacks together in order to offer the best in class product, which is also among the most reliable of the market. Its supercapacitor technology, along with exceptional design results in one of the lightest electronical airbag systems on the market to date.

This fully electric airbag system pushes the boundaries of innovation, thanks to its supercapacitor technology. It is the lightest electric airbag system on the market. With 30 litres of space to pack all your essentials for the dayelevating your safety for those unforgettable backcountry adventures. The ideal avalanche airbag for mountain guides, ski patrollers, snow professionals and extended missions in the mountains. Whether working in avalanche terrain or covering miles on a backcountry hut tour, this avalanche airbag is designed to accommodate big loads while providing a highly functional airbag system.

From one-lap dawn patrols to all-day tours and couloir missions, the AP 30 avalanche airbag has everything you need for a fun, safe day in the mountains. Designed for heli trips, freeriding, and out-the-gate resort skiing, this avalanche airbag is our minimalist backcountry ski pack featuring Alpride 2. The AP 20 is designed to carry your essentials, like a shovel, probe and water, with additional room for some spare gloves, layers or goggles. Easy and cost efficient replaceable cartridges.

One time use only. Our durable top-loading mountain pack engineered for everything from summer alpine cragging to gear-intensive winter mountain trips. With the ideal amount of space for a long push, the SCOTT Mountain 26 lives for all-day journeys that requires a little bit more than just the bare necessities.

The Mountain 26 is a midsized crossover daypack ready to tackle all kinds of activities, such as mountaineering, hiking, climbing and mountain biking. The gas cylinders used in the system are affordable and fully disposable, allowing the user to quickly and easily install new cylinders for the next adventure. Air travel with these cartridges is approved by IATA. One compartment can fit 2 pairs of skis of any length, poles and all the gear you need for a day.

The bag is water resistant, easy to carry and comes with a set of high quality shock absorbing wheels, as well as several handles along the bag. It is the best way to store a pair of skis during travel and keep them ready to be ridden upon arrival at your snow destination. Compression straps and the side handles make it easy to carry and load. A roll-up closure adapts the length of the bag to all ski sizes up to 2m. The Ski Day Gear Bag is a travel backpack with many compartments to accommodate all the smaller bits of gear for a day in the mountains.

It is made of water and abrasion resistant fabric. It has 2 main compartments, in which you can fit boots, pants, jacket and inner layers. There are also several other smaller pockets to place insoles, goggles, gloves and more.

In addition, it has a hook allowing you to attach it to the Ski Wheel Premium Bag for easier transportation. The SCOTT Travel Hardcase is an extremely lightweight yet highly durable globetrotter built to rise above the wear and tear of modern day travelling.

With a volume of liters this hardcase is ideal for long trips when you need to bring all your gear along. The special matt rubberized surface provides maximum abrasion resistance while two compartments with smartly placed pockets and straps, paired with an integrated lock, keep your belongings safe and neatly organized.

The SCOTT Travel Hardcase 70 is an extremely lightweight yet highly durable globetrotter built to rise above the wear and tear of modern day travelling. With a volume of 70 liters this hardcase is ideal for long trips when you need to bring all your gear along. The SCOTT Travel Hardcase 40 is an extremely lightweight yet highly durable globetrotter built to rise above the wear and tear of modern day travelling.

With a volume of 40 liters this hardcase is the perfect travel companion for shorter trips or to use as an extra carry-on bag. The high quality shock absorbing wheels paired with a heavy duty aluminum side frame not only protect your luggage, but also let you conquer any obstacles or muddy terrain. Intuitive organisation and robust materials are just some of the hallmarks of this iconic SCOTT travel case.

With a volume of 40 liters this softcase is the perfect travel companion for shorter trips or to use as an extra carry-on bag. Its abrasion resistant and water repellent fabric paired with high quality shock absorbing wheels let you conquer any obstacles or muddy terrain. Because the SCOTT duffle is completely foldable, the integrated stuff bag is a convenient option for compressed storage or a smart place to stash those muddy shoes or that dirty laundry while travelling.

One nifty feature of the duffle is that you can adjust the size of the bag to whatever equipment you are carrying - that way you can make sure the bag remains rigid and your gear does not get dragged along the ground. This lightweight durable and water resistant duffle features a comfortable shoulder strap and padded carrying handle for easy transportation.

The mesh zip pocket in the main compartment and side compartments on the inside provide you with optimal storage and organization. The backpack offers quick and direct access to the main compartment, with plently of smart little pockets for your gear, as well as an external laptop compartment with padded fleece lining.

While the ergonomic padded back panel offers great comfort the reflective details and external fixation for your helmet or lock keep you and your bike safe at all times. The bag features an external laptop or tablet compartment with padded fleece lining as well as an external fixation for your lock or light while well-placed internal compartments help you get your charger, cables, pens and business cards organized.

All zipper and elastic compartments help you to organize your toiletries. The convenient stowable hook allows the bag to hang when you're short for space. Smart wallet with space for loose change and those credit cards you tend to overcharge to buy the latest SCOTT gear. The soft inside layer with a padded, fluffy fleece lining of the SCOTT Laptop Case 17" keeps your laptop as safe and stylish as can be. The comfortably padded top handle allows for easy transport while well-placed internal and external compartments help you get your charger, cables, pens and business cards organized.

The soft inside layer with a padded, fluffy fleece lining of the SCOTT Laptop Case 15" keeps your laptop as safe and stylish as can be. The Super Versatile SCOTT SRV features a strong laminate sandwich construction, to create a reactive and live sensation that will satisfy those looking for a ski capable of laying down precise carves and turns.

The SRV ski combines rocker tip adjusted with 3Dimensions sidecut making it the complete package for all mountain performance. Recent Developments. If the Company does not complete a Qualified Offering within six months of the execution date of the transfer agreement, such agreement becomes void and the Company and Swiss Interactive are required to continue to abide by the terms of the existing agreement on the Licensed Software.

Securities offered by us:. Assumed Public Offering Price:. Common stock outstanding before the offering:. Common stock to be outstanding after the offering:. Overallotment option:. Use of Proceeds:. We intend to use the net proceeds of this offering to develop and launch our skill -based video game tournaments for play on mobile devices, PCs and video game consoles, to obtain an online gaming license from, and establish operations in, Malta, to obtain an online gaming license from, and establish operations in, an Asian country to be determined, to upgrade sales and marketing capabilities including but not limited to professional relations and adding additional staff, and for general working capital purposes.

Risk Factors:. Investing in our securities is highly speculative and involves a high degree of risk. Trading Symbol:. The actual number of units we will offer will be determined based on the actual public offering price. Lock -up :. The following summary consolidated statements of operations data for the years ended June 30, and have been derived from our audited consolidated financial statements included elsewhere in this prospectus.

The historical financial data presented below is not necessarily indicative of our financial results in future periods, and the results for the six months ended December 31, are not necessarily indicative of our operating results to be expected for the full fiscal year ending June 30, or any other period.

Our unaudited condensed interim consolidated financial statements have been prepared on a basis consistent with our audited financial statements and include all adjustments, consisting only of normal and recurring adjustments that we consider necessary for a fair presentation of the financial position and results of operations as of and for such periods.

Year Ended June 30, Consulting Fees. General and Administrative. Professional Fees. Stock Based Compensation. Total Operating Expenses. Non-Operating Loss. Interest Expense. Foreign Exchange Loss. Loss on Debt Settlement. Write-Off of Website Costs. Net Loss and Comprehensive Loss.

Six Months Ended December 31, Total Operating Expenses before the Undernoted. Other Expenses. Change in Fair Value of Derivative Liabilities. June 30, Current Assets. Amounts Receivable. Prepaid Expenses. Total Current Assets. Rent Security Deposit. Intangible Assets. Total Assets. Current Liabilities. Accounts Payable. Accrued Liabilities. Due to Shareholder. Total Liabilities. Additional Paid-in Capital. Subscription Receivable. Equity to be Issued. Accumulated Deficit. December 31, Restricted Cash.

Convertible Note. Derivative Liabilities. Common Stock ,, shares authorized, par value 87,, shares issued and outstanding as of December 31, June 30, — 83,, Investing in our common stock involves a great deal of risk. Careful consideration should be made of the following factors as well as other information included in this prospectus before deciding to purchase our common stock.

There are many risks that affect our business and results of operations, some of which are beyond our control. Our business, financial condition or operating results could be materially harmed by any of these risks. This could cause the trading price of our common stock to decline, and you may lose all or part of your investment. Additional risks that we do not yet know of or that we currently think are immaterial may also affect our business and results of operations. Risks Related to Our Business.

We are a development stage company with a limited operating history. While we were incorporated under the laws of Nevada in July , we did not begin to engage in our current business until May and our operations since that time have been mostly limited to designing, developing and testing our wagering systems.

Consequently, we are subject to all the risks and uncertainties inherent in a new business and in connection with the development and sale of new products and services. As a result, we still must establish many corporate functions necessary to operate our business, including finalizing our administrative structure, continuing our product development, assessing and expanding our marketing activities, implementing financial systems and controls and personnel recruitment.

You should carefully consider the risks and uncertainties that a company, such as ours, with a limited operating history will face. In particular, you should consider that we cannot provide assurance that we will be able to:. If we cannot successfully accomplish any of the foregoing objectives, our business may not succeed.

We have a history of accumulated deficits, recurring losses and negative cash flows from operating activities. To date, we have not yet recorded revenues from the sale of our products. If we are unable to generate revenues, we will not be able to achieve and maintain profitability.

Beyond this, we may incur significant losses in the future for a number of reasons including other risks described in this document, and we may encounter unforeseen expenses, difficulties, complications, delays and other unknown events. Accordingly, we may not ever be able to achieve profitability. We incurred negative cash flows from operating activities and recurring net losses in fiscal years and We had no working capital at the end of each of those years.

These factors, among others, raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern. The financial statements included in this prospectus do not include any adjustments that might result from the outcome of this uncertainty.

In order for us to remove substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern, we must achieve profitability, generate positive cash flows from operating activities and obtain necessary debt or equity funding. If we are unable to increase revenues or obtain additional financing, we will be unable to continue the development of our products and services and we may have to cease operations.

In that event you could lose your entire investment. Our consolidated financial statements have been prepared on the assumption that we will continue as a going concern. Our independent registered public accounting firms have included an explanatory paragraph in our consolidated financial statements for the fiscal years ended June 30, and stating that our operating losses and limited working capital, raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern.

To date, it has been necessary to rely upon debt and the sale of our equity securities to sustain operations. Our management anticipates that we will require additional capital to fund ongoing operations without taking into account the proceeds from this offering. There can be no guarantee that we will be able to obtain such funds, or obtain them on satisfactory terms, and that such funds would be sufficient.

If such additional funding is not obtained, we may be required to scale back or cease operations. We will require additional financing and cannot be certain that such additional financing will be available on reasonable terms when required, or at all. To date, the Company has relied primarily on equity financing to carry on its business. The Company has limited financial resources, has no operating cash flow and has no assurance that sufficient funding will be available to it to fund its operating expenses and to further develop its business.

We expect the net proceeds from this offering, along with our current cash position, will enable us to fund our operating expenses and capital expenditure requirements for at least the next 12 months. Thereafter, unless we achieve profitability, we anticipate that we will need to raise additional capital to fund our operations while we implement and execute our business plan. We currently do not have any contracts or commitments for additional financing. In addition, any additional equity financing may involve substantial dilution to then existing shareholders.

There can be no assurance that such additional capital will be available, on a timely basis, or on terms acceptable to the Company. Failure to obtain such additional financing could result in delay or indefinite postponement of operations or the further development of its business with the possible loss of such properties or assets. If adequate funds are not available or are not available on acceptable terms, the Company may not be able to fund its business or the expansion thereof, take advantage of strategic acquisitions or investment opportunities or respond to competitive pressures.

The gaming and interactive entertainment industries are intensely competitive. Esports faces competition from a growing number of companies and, if Esports is unable to compete effectively, its business could be negatively impacted. There is intense competition amongst gaming solution providers. There are a number of established, well financed companies producing both land -based and online gaming and interactive entertainment products and systems that compete with the products of the Company.

There are many companies with already established relationships with third parties, including gaming operators that are able to introduce directly competitive products and have the potential and resources to quickly develop competitive technologies. Risks that impact our customers may impact us. Because we generate website traffic through our affiliate marketing program, if participants in our affiliate marketing program see a slowdown in business or website traffic it may lead to fewer visitors on our website, which could have an adverse effect on our business.

Because three of our directors and a substantial portion of our assets are located in jurisdictions other than the United States and Canada, you may have no effective recourse against the directors not located in the United States and Canada for misconduct and may not be able to enforce judgment and civil liabilities against these directors.

Three of our directors and a substantial portion of our assets are or may be located in jurisdictions outside the U. As a result, a person may not be able to affect service of process within the U. A person also may not be able to recover against them on judgments of U. We operate in a very competitive business environment and if we do not adapt our approach and our products to meet this competitive environment, our business, results of operations or financial condition could be adversely impacted.

There is intense competition in the gaming management and gaming products industry which is characterized by dynamic customer demand and rapid technological advances. Today, there are many systems providers in the U. As a result, we must continually adapt our approach and our products to meet this demand and match technological advances and if we cannot do so, our business results of operations or financial condition may be adversely impacted.

Conversely, the development of new competitive products or the enhancement of existing competitive products in any market in which we operate could have an adverse impact on our business, results of operations or financial condition. If we are unable to remain dynamic in the face of changes in the market, it could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations or financial condition.

We are vulnerable to additional or increased taxes and fees. We believe that the prospect of raising significant additional revenue through taxes and fees is one of the primary reasons that certain jurisdictions permit legalized gaming. As a result, gaming companies are typically subject to significant taxes and fees in addition to the normal federal, state, provincial and local income taxes and such taxes and fees may be increased at any time.

From time to time, legislators and officials have proposed changes in tax laws or in the administration of laws affecting the gaming industry. Many states and municipalities, including ones in which we operate, are currently experiencing budgetary pressures that may make it more likely they would seek to impose additional taxes and fees on our operations.

It is not possible to determine the likelihood or extent of any such future changes in tax laws or fees, or changes in the administration of such laws; however, if enacted, such changes could have a material adverse impact on our business. A lack of confidence in the integrity of our core businesses could affect our ability to retain our customers and engage with new customers. The integrity of the gaming and pari -mutuel bet exchange and pool style wagering industries must be perceived as fair to patrons and the public at large.

To prevent cheating or erroneous payouts, the necessary oversight processes must be in place to ensure that such activities cannot be manipulated. A loss of confidence in the fairness of our industries could have a material adverse impact on our business. The legalization of online real money gaming in the United States and our ability to predict and capitalize on any such legalization may impact our business.

Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have enacted legislation to legalize online real money gaming. If a large number of additional states or the Federal government enact online real money gaming legislation and we are unable to obtain the necessary licenses to operate online real money gaming websites in United States jurisdictions where such games are legalized, our future growth in real money gaming could be materially impaired.

States or the Federal government may legalize online real money gaming in a manner that is unfavorable to us. Several states and the Federal government are considering draft laws that require online casinos to also have a license to operate a brick -and mortar casino, either directly or indirectly through an affiliate. If, like Nevada and New Jersey, state jurisdictions enact legislation legalizing online real money casino gaming subject to this brick -and-mortar requirement, we may be unable to offer online real money gaming in such jurisdictions if we are unable to establish an affiliation with a brick -and-mortar casino in such jurisdiction on acceptable terms.

Our ability to compete effectively in respect of a particular style of online real money gaming in the United States may be premised on introducing a style of gaming before our competitors. We may fail to accurately predict when online real money gaming will be legalized in significant jurisdictions. The legislative process in each state and at the Federal level is unique and capable of rapid, often unpredictable change.

If we fail to accurately forecast when and how, if at all, online real money gaming will be legalized in additional state jurisdictions, such failure could impair our readiness to introduce online real money gaming offerings in such jurisdictions which could have a material adverse impact on our business. We receive, process, store and use personal information and other customer data.

There are numerous federal, state and local laws regarding privacy and the storing, sharing, use, processing, disclosure and protection of personal information and other data. Any failure or perceived failure by us to comply with our privacy policies, our privacy -related obligations to customers or other third parties, or our privacy -related legal obligations, or any compromise of security that results in the unauthorized release or transfer of personally identifiable information or other player data, may result in governmental enforcement actions, litigation or public statements against us by consumer advocacy groups or others and could cause our customers to lose trust in us which could have an adverse impact on our business.

The costs of compliance with these types of laws may increase in the future as a result of changes in interpretation or changes in law. Any failure on our part to comply with these types of laws may subject us to significant liabilities. Under these rules and obligations, if information is compromised, we could be liable to payment card issuers for the associated expense and penalties. If we fail to follow payment card industry security standards, even if no customer information is compromised, we could incur significant fines or experience a significant increase in payment card transaction costs.

Security breaches, computer malware and computer hacking attacks have become more prevalent in our industry. Many companies, including ours, have been the targets of such attacks. Any security breach caused by hacking which involves efforts to gain unauthorized access to information or systems, or to cause intentional malfunctions or loss or corruption of data, software, hardware or other computer equipment, and the inadvertent transmission of computer viruses could harm our business.

Though it is difficult to determine what harm may directly result from any specific interruption or breach, any failure to maintain performance, reliability, security and availability of our network infrastructure to the satisfaction of our players may harm our reputation and our ability to retain existing players and attract new players.

If unauthorized disclosure of the source code we currently license, and expect to own upon the completion of this offering occurs, we could potentially lose future trade secret protection for that source code. This could make it easier for third parties to compete with our products by copying functionality which could adversely affect our revenue and operating margins. Unauthorized disclosure of source code also could increase security risks.

Because the techniques used to obtain unauthorized access, disable or degrade service, or sabotage systems, change frequently and often are not recognized until launched against a target, we may be unable to anticipate these techniques or to implement adequate preventative measures.

We have developed systems and processes that are designed to protect customer information and prevent data loss and other security breaches, including systems and processes designed to reduce the impact of a security breach at a third party vendor; however, such measures cannot provide absolute security. We are subject to payment-related risks, such as risk associated with the fraudulent use of credit or debit cards which could have adverse effects on our business due to chargebacks from customers.

As we continue to introduce new funding or payment options to our players, we may be subject to additional regulatory and compliance requirements. For certain funding or payment options, including credit and debit cards, we may pay interchange and other fees which may increase over time and, therefore, raise operating costs and reduce profitability. We rely on third parties to provide payment -processing services and it could disrupt our business if these companies become unwilling or unable to provide these services to us.

We are also subject to rules and requirements governing EFT which could change or be reinterpreted to make it difficult or impossible for us to comply. If we fail to comply with these rules or requirements, we may be subject to fines and higher transaction fees or possibly lose our ability to accept credit or debit cards, or other forms of payment from customers which could have a material adverse impact on our business.

Chargebacks occur when customers seek to void credit card or other payment transactions. Cardholders are intended to be able to reverse card transactions only if there has been unauthorized use of the card or the services contracted for have not been provided. In our business, customers occasionally seek to reverse online gaming losses through chargebacks.

We place great emphasis on control procedures to protect from chargebacks; however, these control procedures may not be sufficient to protect us from adverse effects on our business or results of operations. Our profitability depends upon many factors for which no assurance can be given. Profitability depends upon many factors, including the ability to develop and maintain valuable products and services, our ability to identify and obtain the rights to additional products to add to our existing product line, success and expansion of our sales programs, expansion of our customer base, obtaining the right balance of expense levels and the overall success of our business activities.

We anticipate that we will generate operating income in the next 12 months although no assurance can be given in this regard. Even if we do achieve profitability, we may not be able to sustain or increase profitability on a quarterly or annual basis. Our failure to become and remain profitable would depress the value of our company and could impair our ability to raise capital, expand our business, diversify our product offerings or even continue our operations.

A decline in the value of our stock could also cause you to lose all or part of your investment. Future cash flows fluctuations may affect our ability to fund our working capital requirements or achieve our business objectives in a timely manner. Our working capital requirements and cash flows are expected to be subject to quarterly and yearly fluctuations, depending on such factors as timing and size of capital expenditures, levels of sales and collection of receivables, customer payment terms and supplier terms and conditions.

We expect the net proceeds from this offering will enable us to fund our operating expenses and capital expenditure requirements for at least the next 12 months However, a greater than expected slow -down in capital spending by our customers may require us to adjust our current business model. As a result, our revenues and cash flows may be materially lower than we expect and we may be required to reduce our capital expenditures and investments or take other measures in order to meet our cash requirements.

We cannot provide any assurance that our net cash requirements will be as we currently expect. Our inability to manage cash flow fluctuations resulting from the above factors could have a material adverse effect on our ability to fund our working capital requirements from operating cash flows and other sources of liquidity or to achieve our business objectives in a timely manner. Our business may be materially and adversely affected by increased levels of debt.

In order to finance our business or to finance possible acquisitions we may incur significant levels of debt compared to historical levels, and we may need to secure additional sources of funding, which may include debt or convertible debt financing, in the future. Other effects of a high level of debt include the following:. The online gaming and interactive entertainment industry, which includes social, casual and mobile gaming and interactive entertainment, is relatively new and continues to evolve.


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Just a quick glance at the table above gives you an idea of the different promotions offered by online betting sites in terms of sign-up bonuses alone. The home of thoroughbred racing in the state, Delaware Park opened in and is the host track for the G1 Delaware Handicap and the G2 Delaware Oaks. Simulcast racing from more than 40 tracks is offered all year around, seven days per week. In addition to racing, Delaware Park includes a casino complex and is somewhat unique in terms of horse racing facilities in that it also incudes the hole White Clay Creek golf course.

So you can shoot a round in the morning, and bet the ponies in the afternoon. Opened in , Dover Downs is the only track in the country where horse racing and car racing exist on the same grounds. Live harness racing takes place from November through to April, with year-round simulcast racing for both harness and thoroughbred available in the casino sportsbook room. The casino itself includes more than slot machines, and 40 different table games.

Harrington Raceway was opened in , and features a half-mile harness racing track. In addition, the sportsbook at the Harrington Casino offers both harness and thoroughbred simulcasting seven days a week from more than 35 different tracks. The casino includes more than slot machines, 30 table games and a seat poker room. Harrington also provides a unique online casino and poker program. Giants Duke vs. UNC Warriors vs. Nadal Lebron vs. Rebel Stakes Southwest Stakes While LoL betting has quickly become the most popular market among customers, the likes of Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive are major players in certain regions, offering some of the biggest prize pools in the industry.

While the opportunity to back your favourite team to achieve first blood, first to 10 kills or destroy the first tower are not yet available at the Pinnacle esports page, their tournament coverage is of an extremely high level, making a bet on esports available on virtually a daily basis. Unlike some of their competitors, Pinnacle provide customers with a wide variety of live streaming options, making the esports betting process all the more enjoyable and exciting.

With live-betting playing such a big part within the markets offered by Pinnacle, the opportunity to simultaneously bet and watch high quality action from the esports world has quickly become a favourite pastime for many.

However, partly due to the nature of the game, Pinnacle do currently not offer any live-betting markets when it comes to CS:GO. Odds and betting limits are an area in which Pinnacle take great pride in their work, with some of the most competitive and attractive offers around found on their website and mobile app.

No matter what your objectives are when it comes to esports bets, whether you are looking to give yourself a little extra spending money or significantly adding to your income, Pinnacle ensure that all types of customer are catered for. All of these numbers are more than favourable when compared to the rest of the market. At Pinnacle, and as with many of their other features, customer service is a little different in comparison to some of their more established competitors.

As a result, Pinnacle make customers well aware that their Facebook and Twitter pages are tools in which they can contact members of staff, with response rates generally within a matter of hours. The Pinnacle Twitter feed can be viewed on the right-hand side of the desktop site, allowing users to see some of the most recently answered questions and queries.

Along with this, a detailed FAQ section is available to read at Pinnacle, which covers information on placing bets, banking and contact details, among others. A dedicated help section on the Pinnacle esports page is perfect for those new to the industry, with relevant information concerning the market available at all times, including betting advice and help.

Despite a lack of telephone or live chat features, issues and problems are still dealt with in an efficient manner, with a whole host of languages available, meaning that customers from around the world are catered for. Given the heightened exposure upon safety and security over recent years when it comes to placing a bet on esports, Pinnacle have taken all of the necessary precautions to ensure that their betting platform is immune to such issues.

All transactions placed at Pinnacle are double checked by members of staff, with any ambiguities quickly spotted, before being dealt with in the necessary manner. No third parties will ever have access to your personal details or banking information, an area in which Pinnacle take pride in their work. Having originally been located in London, United Kingdom, Pinnacle have since moved to Curacao , holding a full gaming license from the local government, allowing them to operate for 17 years, starting in As well as this, Pinnacle have ensured that they completely follow the rules and regulations of the gaming authorities, the bookmaker also received a second betting license back in , from the Malta Gaming Authority , only adding to their safety.

Having reviewed all of the necessary information, it is clear that Pinnacle is much more than a run of the mill betting platform. Having offered esports betting markets online since , they have gained an excellent reputation within the industry. With Pinnacle, you will not be in for any surprises, with their sportsbook clearly stipulating what is on offer from the get-go.

With some of the most attractive esports betting odds and betting margins around, the potential for hefty payouts is substantial at Pinnacle, no matter which esports title it is that you favour. Their range of games, from established titles such as League of Legends and Dota 2, to modern favourites including StarCraft 2 and Overwatch, make them an appealing platform for any potential customer, with the type of bets available also certain to please many fans.

Having also recently added Street Fighter, Pinnacle have clearly demonstrated that they are open to improving their services and features at every possible opportunity. Already offering one of the finest live-streaming services around, Pinnacle have the potential to grow even further, with their dedicated esports page among the most detailed in terms of its information, markets and odds. Despite a lack of welcome bonus, Pinnacle remains an attractive option for all types of customers thanks to their odds.

Having steadily made improvements in terms of their customer service features and payment options over recent years, ensuring that any problems are quickly eradicated, users at Pinnacle can certainly rest assured that they are in a safe betting environment.

As a result, it is clear to see why they have achieved so much in a relatively short period of time, with their volume of customers only set to increase if this review is anything to go by. Go to Pinnacle. Betting Offer. Payments Rest assured that all your transactions will be processed in complete safety. Live Streaming A wide range of live streaming options are available at Pinnacle. Top 3 Bookmakers with Live Betting.

Odds and Limits Pinnacle excels with the best odds on the market. Customer Service Reachable on Social Media. Conclusion At the height of excellence. Reviewed: Pinnacle Bonus. Author: Esports Staff. Top Betting Sites.

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Back and lay meaning in cricket betting websites The remainder of the third floor can be utilized for offices. The interchangeable lens and fit systems allow skiers to fully adapt their vision. It's been five years since Pike County Illinois allowed video gaming in local bars, gas stations and restaurants. Esports typically takes the form of organized, multiplayer video games that include real -time strategy, fighting, first -person shooter, and multiplayer online battle arena games. Expected Dividend Rate. Heat regulation. Rozum to receive various employee benefits generally made available to other officers and senior managers of the Company.
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Pinnacle sports betting apic June 8, PinnacleAlerts June 7, PinnacleAlerts June 5, PinnacleAlerts lowest margins with no …. All of these numbers are your transactions will be processed site online. Pinnacle Review When it comes be in for any surprises, is well known for their unobstructed homepage. The site was launched into Fighter, Pinnacle have clearly demonstrated that they are open to island of Curacao, in the. Pinnacle is widely regarded as. However, partly due to the have access to your personal making your wagers online, by in-play wagering option. Their range of games, from London, United Kingdom, Pinnacle have since moved to Curacaoholding a full gaming license 2 and Overwatch, make them them to operate for 17 potential customer, with the type of bets available also certain to please many fans rules and regulations of the received a second betting license back infrom the Malta Gaming Authorityonly adding to their safety. Having offered esports betting markets of live streaming options are to Pinnacle. Place your bets with Pinnacle and online casino with a to the rest of the. Customer Service Reachable on Social.

Dijon - Besiktas JK. Full Event Home (AH) @ 8/10 PINNACLE + Best sports betting sites for NCAAB. 10 Bet Review logo. % up to Sports Review logo. Up to $ Claim Now Pinnacle Review logo. The best odds. You can upgrade these as you rank up, too. Star Cards have four different ranks: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. Star Cards unlock (become available to.