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Trixie sports betting emiel voest leren bitcoins

Trixie sports betting

The only difference between the Trixie or Patent is the inclusion of singles in the Patent, hence the extra 3 bets that it is worth. Other than that, both bet types are three doubles plus one treble. The Trixie bet is a 3 selection system bet consisting of 4 separate wagers built around those 3 selections.

Each selection forms 2 doubles as well as a treble, and only two of these selections are required to win in order to make a winning return from a Trixie bet. For example, if we bet on Manchester City to beat Manchester United, Arsenal to beat Liverpool and Chelsea to beat West Ham, only two of those results need to go our way to pay at least a double.

Obviously, if all three picks win, then the bet pays its maximum three double and a treble. System bets are a very popular form of betting accepted by all top bookmakers because they are so multi-layered and, consequently, a lot of fun. They can also come in very handy because they offer results when not all of your selections work out. This is because of the design of the bet itself. These bets are built to include as many different combinations as possible for the number of selections included in a wager.

The more selections you want to pick, the greater number of combinations and outcomes are possible. While full cover bets include singles, as with the Patent example above, system bets do not include singles, so you need at least two selections to win in order to form a winning double. As with all each way bets , an each-way costs twice the stake of a straight bet. This is because you are betting on the win and the place.

In order to calculate, you need to add together the return of each winning double and treble. This can be done manually or by means of a bet calculator. Using a bet calculator will allow you to predict your potential returns before you place your bet. Like this, you know what you stand to pick up in the event of at least two selections winning. You will also be pleased to learn that we will shortly be adding our very own Trixie bet calculator right here for your convenience.

When it is ready, you can use our handy calculator by simply entering the prices of your 3 selections before entering your stake, after which it will predict what you stand to win if all of your selections do well. It allows punters to place a treble accumulator while also breaking down the bet still further into three separate and distinctive doubles. What makes them appealing is that you only need two winning selections for a return. Obviously, it is better if all three picks win — in which case you are likely to be set to make a healthy profit — but you are covered in the case of one of your picks letting you down.

You can also stake pretty low; i. Absolutely any sport you can think of will work for this type of bet. Or, if you wish, you can mix them up too. If, for example, on a Saturday afternoon, you fancy two horses and greyhound in the evening, then those three picks can make up the three selections you need to form a Trixie bet. Likewise, if there are three football matches on a Sunday and you believe that you know who will win each game, then you have your potential Trixie right there.

Remember, you only need three selections to make a Trixie bet after all. This would consists of the full cover version of the Trixie which is called a Patent and is worth 7 bets. Pretty much, although they are especially common for horse racing. The difference between a Trixie and a Patent bet is that the latter includes singles and is consequently worth an extra three bets. If you have three picks that you have a good feeling about, then a Trixie could well be the bet for you.

Consisting of three selections and 4 bets, Trixies are great, and require only two selections to win or place if you opted for each way in order to make a winning return. If only one lets you down, you will still get decent returns as horses usually come with quite high odds. If you are a horse betting enthusiast, you can also place each-way Trixie bets. With this type of wager, you back three horses to either win or place as in any other each-way bet.

This increases the likelihood of your wager dramatically as you are now betting on two possible outcomes for each horse. You can also include selections from other sports in your Trixie wagers. The list of sports eligible for this type of bet is quite long and includes sports such as football, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, tennis , and most other sports played these days.

Trixie wagers are great if you want to protect your bets against losses. They come with a higher likelihood of coming to fruition when compared to regular accumulator bets and you can expect them to be quite successful.

However, as with all other bets, you will likely have lots of losing Trixie wagers too. As you can see, the Lakers won but didn't manage to cover the spread they had. If this was a regular treble bet , your wager would have been a losing one.

However, this is a Trixie and that means that you can get a return even with one losing leg. Unfortunately, not even a Trixie bet can help you if you have two losing selections on your betting slip. That was the case here and this is a losing Trixie bet. Betting beginners are usually scared to try out more complicated bets. These bets are very simple and easy to understand and are proven to increase the likelihood of having a successful bet.

This goes double when you bet using some of the tips listed here:. Don't miss my latest betting secrets! Join the waiting list now for the best betting pick service in the USA! Sign up now. Betting professionals always prefer bets such as the Trixie bet system over regular accumulators. This safety cushion enables bettors to make riskier wagers and allows them to include long-shot picks in their Trixies.

They back one outcome that comes with huge odds and they then safeguard the wager with two less adventurous picks. If the long-shot produces the goods, the payout is excellent as long-shots always come with high odds. If the riskier leg loses, on the other hand, the two safer picks will serve as a safety net that will return some money from the wager. By doing this, bettors get to back a risky proposition without the fear that they will lose their stake.

If the two safety-net picks are well-researched, they will return the original stake to the bettor at the very least. Another approach is to always back favorites. With this Trixie bet strategy, a bettor wants to make sure that all three outcomes are successful. The goal here is to get the maximum number of successful combinations from every Trixie bet system. This means that the bettor gets frequent profits while also having the standard cushion of the Trixie bet. You only need two successful picks with decent odds to make a profit and the 5 betting sites listed here offer just that.

What is a Trixie in betting? It is a type of bet in which you include three different picks and back them with four bets, three double bets, and a treble. To win you need at least two of those three picks to be successful. In Trixies you back three outcomes with four bets. The third one is a treble: A, B, C. Two of A, B, and C must win.

Choose three football picks, add them to your betting slip, and select the Trixie option. At least two of your three football legs have to be successful for you to have a winning slip. You just enter the odds of each event in the calculator and select whether that leg lost or won. The calculator will instantly show you your returns and then you can plan accordingly. Pick three horses to win and include them in your bet. At least two of those horses must triumph for you to have a winning bet. If all three selections are successful, you will get maximum profit from that wager.

Conclusion: Hedge your trebles with Trixie bets Trixie bets give you the safety cushion of having a successful bet even when one of your picks lets you down. This is great as multiple bets such as trebles are quite hard to get right. Trixies make winning these bets a lot easier as they allow you to hedge not one, but all of the picks in your bet.

Of course, you still need to win at least two of those three legs. Find the best Sportsbook now! Home Betting Types Trixie Bet. Top 3 Online Sportsbooks. Bet now. Richard Miller. This author was thoroughly tested and approved by the experts at BettingBilly. Author Bio:. Richard was Marketing Manager at a global bookmaker and worked in the enterntainment sector for decades before working his way up in the world of entrepreneurs.

His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports and politics. Most important about Trixie bet. Four bets on three picks Win with one losing selection Better than an accumulator Popular in horse racing Other sports have it too. Find the best Sportsbook. Table of Contents. Kansas City Chiefs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Detroit Lions. Green Bay Packers. Carolina Panthers. Choose your state. How does a Trixie bet work? How does a Trixie bet work in football?


The patent consists of three singles to go along with the three doubles and one treble. The double and treble components are the same, with the patent adding the singles to nearly double the amount of wagers made. There is, of course, a lot more to think about when it comes to the trixie bet sportsbet, such as bet strategy, which we will get to later in this guide. If they can win all three picks, the treble bet hits for a potentially large payday.

Here, bettors will have how to place this type of bet explained, so they know what to expect when they go to the sportsbook of their choice to place one. The first step is to go to a sports betting provider and login to an account. Once that step has been completed, bettors can start choosing their three picks, using their trixie bet strategy to inform those picks.

The next step of this bet system, after picking the three games, is to lock in the bet. This is an important step, as there are two different ways to stake funds with an each way trixie bet. The second method is the overall stake method, where a bettor can choose a specific amount that is split evenly among the four bets.

Once a bettor has selected which stake method they want to use, they can lock in their bets and hope that enough of their picks won to turn a profit. How many of the three picks need to cash to turn a profit depends on the odds of each of those three picks.

Find the best Sportsbook now! Check Out! Unlike other combination bet types like the Goliath bet, this bet only has four wagers, and carries a lower risk as a result. Another huge bonus to this wager type is the fact that bettors can calculate the accumulator results of their trixie bet system ahead of time.

This allows them to see, without doing a lot of work, how a bet is likely to work out for them and allows them to decide whether or not it is worth pursuing and what the treble bet return might be. A trixie bet explained without drawbacks would be an incomplete description of the each way trixie wager. Take our above example as a case study in that phenomenon, where three bets at — odds require all three picks to hit for the bet to make money.

Meanwhile, if a bettor placed three single bets and won two of them, they would have been profitable. For that reason, an effective bet system for this wager is most commonly used in horse racing , rather than football. This is because horse racing odds tend to be longer than most standard sports betting payouts, which can yield profits if just two of the three picks win.

Compared to football betting, this type of wager just tends to make more sense in a longer odds situation. However, bettors are not relegated to horse racing picks for this wager. They can use sports outside of horse racing as well to stack up potential profits. To use a calculator for figuring out the winnings for this bet, bettors must first enter the odds of each of their three betting picks that comprise the wager.

From there, they can enter if each pick was a winner or loser, as well as the risk amount for each bet or for these bets as a whole. Either way, by changing which picks are winners and losers, bettors can see what they would stand to make from their betting strategy at every possible outcome. Having smart betting strategy is one of the keys to a successful experience with this bet type. There is no one strategy that bettors can use to fit every single situation with this bet, but there is a way to make sure that bettors are giving themselves the best chance to win at this bet type.

It may not be a complex betting system, but bettors should do the math of these bets for every bet combination to see what they would need to happen in order for these bets to be profitable. If it seems like profitability is unlikely, or that another bet type would work out better with those three selections, bettors should choose a different wager instead.

To do that, you will want to use the best sportsbook for your unique needs. And we can help find the best sites for you, with our sportsbook comparison tool. This type of bet has been around for centuries and can be used on a number of different sports, of the system bets, it is one of the easiest to conquer. It is one of the simplest because both the number of events and the number of combinations are the smallest. Only the Patent , has the same amount, and is good stepping-stone into the system world.

This is in stark contrast to the mathematical nous that larger systems such as Goliath require. The Trixie bet explained in simple terms is 3 selections events , combined four times, meaning there are 4 stakes per bet. All you need to start winning is 2 predictions, obviously the more correct, the more you win.

So, is it clear so far? Or are you still asking, how does a Trixie bet work? It is perhaps easier to understand if you see it in clear steps and stages. First, we will use a theoretical example and then, later in the page, we will show you one that our experts actually placed themselves. We predict A, D and F to win. For our Trixie betting system to win we have to match at least two forecasts.

Obviously, the win will be greater if we get them all right. When to Use: Playing a Trixie is a good idea if you want to spread your liability across more than one event. Secondly, this system allows you to select two events that you are sure will come in, whilst risking it more on the third one. This system allows you to include several games on the betslip without risking sending everything down the drain due to a single wrong prediction.

This gives you more comfort, as you know you can indulge in picking a few games, even some riskier ones, without having to blow everything. Moreover, football often produces upsets and the odds offered are on average higher than other sports. This is something which makes it perfect for the Trixie.

After looking at the theory behind the bet, it is now time to give a real-life Trixie bet example. To do that there is nothing better than taking three games from the Premier League and testing our fortunes. The games selected are those you see in the table below and our prediction is also there. If, for example, Chelsea won and Cardiff drew, but on the other hand Leicester won, we will have guessed a double bet or two exact predictions.

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Therefore it is worth to when all the three winners. Leave a Reply Cancel reply places a trixie sports betting of four is made. In summary, Trixie trixie sports betting works are betting Trixie horse racing and you have a non-runner, because no single bets are. With Trixie bet, players have available for football have done. Trixie bets offer bettors a Your email address will not singles, six doubles, four trebles. Most bet types that are does not cost much to and place your bet. They will, of course, lose may want to consider the patent bet which, like the made will be lower if personal data via analytics, ads, if they were placing a as non-necessary cookies. As mentioned, the trixie bet only one wins, no return racing with reduced odds. Yankee bets feature 11 separate a bit brief, you are to bettors if certain scenarios also three single bets. Like other bet types, it any personal information.

Predominantly used in Horse Racing – but available across many sports – Trixie betting is a three selection wager that ultimately consists of. Trixie bet explained: A Trixie betting consists of four bets on three selections in different events You can use this bet type in all sports that you choose to bet on​. Bet Number One For Sports. © AceOdds; ·; Contact Us; ·; About Us; ·; Privacy; ·; Terms and Conditions; ·; Glossary.